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NAIA Live Webcasts Date Printed: 4/29/2017 8:26:13 AM
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April 29, 2017
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4/29/2017Dickinson State (N.D.)Viterbo (Wis.)12:00 AM * 
4/29/2017Dickinson State (N.D.)Viterbo (Wis.)12:00 AM * 
4/29/2017Mount Mercy (Iowa)Clarke (Iowa)10:00 AM * 
4/29/2017Dakota State (S.D.)Presentation (S.D.)12:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)Lincoln Christian (Ill.)12:00 PM 
4/29/2017Mayville State (N.D.)Univ. of Winnipeg (MB)12:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Ohio Christian (Ohio)WVU Tech12:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Mount Mercy (Iowa)Clarke (Iowa)12:30 PM * 
4/29/2017Bluefield (Va.)Tennessee Wesleyan1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Jamestown (N.D.)Valley City State (N.D.)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Tabor (Kan.)Ottawa (Kan.)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Pikeville (Ky.)1:00 PM 
4/29/2017Georgetown (Ky.)Cumberland (Tenn.)1:00 PM 
4/29/2017Briar Cliff (Iowa)Hastings (Neb.)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Goshen (Ind.)Huntington (Ind.)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Benedictine (Kan.)MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Union (Ky.)Milligan (Tenn.)3 - 7 *Final
4/29/2017Ohio Christian (Ohio)WVU Tech2:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)Lincoln Christian (Ill.)2:00 PM 
4/29/2017Dakota State (S.D.)Presentation (S.D.)2:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Mayville State (N.D.)Univ. of Winnipeg (MB)3:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Benedictine (Kan.)MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)3:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Briar Cliff (Iowa)Hastings (Neb.)3:30 PM * 
4/29/2017Georgetown (Ky.)Cumberland (Tenn.)4:00 PM 
4/29/2017Jamestown (N.D.)Valley City State (N.D.)4:00 PM * 
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4/29/2017Mobile (Ala.)Coastal Georgia (Ga.)9:00 AM 
4/29/2017Campbellsville (Ky.)Pikeville (Ky.)11:00 AM 
4/29/2017Langston (Okla.)Huston-Tillotson (Texas)11:00 AM * 
4/29/2017Milligan (Tenn.)Tennessee Wesleyan12:00 PM 
4/29/2017MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)Baker (Kan.)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Dordt (Iowa)Concordia (Neb.)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Briar Cliff (Iowa)Doane (Neb.)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Peru State (Neb.)Mount Mercy (Iowa)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Spring Arbor (Mich.)Huntington (Ind.)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Valley City State (N.D.)Jamestown (N.D.)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Central Christian (Kan.)McPherson (Kan.)1:00 PM 
4/29/2017Mayville State (N.D.)Presentation (S.D.)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Central Methodist (Mo.)William Penn (Iowa)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Central Methodist (Mo.)William Penn (Iowa)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)William Woods (Mo.)1:00 PM 
4/29/2017Langston (Okla.)Huston-Tillotson (Texas)1:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Midway (Ky.)Ohio Christian (Ohio)2:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Dickinson State (N.D.)Viterbo (Wis.)2:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Dickinson State (N.D.)Viterbo (Wis.)2:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Mayville State (N.D.)Presentation (S.D.)3:00 PM * 
4/29/2017MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)Baker (Kan.)3:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Peru State (Neb.)Mount Mercy (Iowa)3:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Central Christian (Kan.)McPherson (Kan.)3:00 PM 
4/29/2017Goshen (Ind.)Marian (Ind.)0 - 0 *1st
4/29/2017Valley City State (N.D.)Jamestown (N.D.)3:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Spring Arbor (Mich.)Huntington (Ind.)3:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Briar Cliff (Iowa)Doane (Neb.)3:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Dordt (Iowa)Concordia (Neb.)3:00 PM * 
4/29/2017Midway (Ky.)Ohio Christian (Ohio)4:00 PM * 
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