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Season 2020 
NAIA Softball World Series Date Printed: 1/23/2020 7:59:37 PM
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Tournament Page Team Leaders Individual Leaders
2020 Tournament Standings
 Shorter (Ga.) 701.0004.431.43
 Oklahoma City 720.7783.220.78
 Brenau (Ga.) 520.7144.431.71
 Cal State San Marcos 520.7145.432.57
 Auburn Montgomery (Ala.) 420.6672.171.83
 Lubbock Christian (Texas) 210.6674.673.67
 Oregon Tech 210.6673.003.00
 Williams Baptist (Ark.) 210.6671.671.67
 Reinhardt (Ga.) 210.6674.000.67
 Azusa Pacific (Calif.) 210.6676.672.00
 Lee (Tenn.) 210.6674.002.33
 Concordia (Calif.) 210.6675.331.33
 Southern Nazarene (Okla.) 210.6677.335.00
 William Carey (Miss.) 320.6003.802.20
 Central Baptist (Ark.) 330.5003.503.00
 Indiana Southeast 230.4002.403.80
2020 Tournament Results
May 17, 2012
Bethany (Kan.) vs Brenau (Ga.) 1-7 Final
Mobile (Ala.) vs Southern Nazarene (Okla.) 1-6 Final
Webber International (Fla.) vs Williams Baptist (Ark.) 0-2 Final
Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) vs Union (Tenn.) 0-6 Final
Lee (Tenn.) vs Reinhardt (Ga.) 2-0 Final
Central Methodist (Mo.) vs Houston-Victoria (Texas) 2-0 Final
Shorter (Ga.) vs St. Gregory’s (Okla.) 5-2 Final
Olivet Nazarene (Ill.) vs Auburn Montgomery (Ala.) 0-1 Final
Concordia (Calif.) vs Talladega (Ala.) 8-0 Final
Texas Wesleyan vs Cal State San Marcos 0-10 Final
Thomas (Ga.) vs Oklahoma City 0-8 Final
Central Baptist (Ark.) vs Morningside (Iowa) 8-0 Final
Lubbock Christian (Texas) vs Indiana Southeast 5-7 Final
William Carey (Miss.) vs Indiana Wesleyan 7-0 Final
Madonna (Mich.) vs Oregon Tech 2-5 Final
William Penn (Iowa) vs Azusa Pacific (Calif.) 0-15 Final
May 18, 2012
Webber International (Fla.) vs Oklahoma City 1-6 Final
Mobile (Ala.) vs Cal State San Marcos 5-7 Final
Central Baptist (Ark.) vs Reinhardt (Ga.) 0-3 Final
Bethany (Kan.) vs Concordia (Calif.) 2-8 Final
Auburn Montgomery (Ala.) vs Azusa Pacific (Calif.) 2-0 Final
Oregon Tech vs St. Gregory’s (Okla.) 3-2 Final
Central Methodist (Mo.) vs William Carey (Miss.) 0-4 Final
Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) vs Lubbock Christian (Texas) 2-6 Final
Lee (Tenn.) vs Morningside (Iowa) 8-0 Final
Williams Baptist (Ark.) vs Thomas (Ga.) 3-0 Final
Texas Wesleyan vs Southern Nazarene (Okla.) 7-13 Final
Talladega (Ala.) vs Brenau (Ga.) 0-8 Final
Olivet Nazarene (Ill.) vs William Penn (Iowa) 2-0 Final
Shorter (Ga.) vs Madonna (Mich.) 8-2 Final
Indiana Wesleyan vs Houston-Victoria (Texas) 4-6 Final
Union (Tenn.) vs Indiana Southeast 0-3 Final
May 19, 2012
William Penn (Iowa) vs Auburn Montgomery (Ala.) 2-7 Final
St. Gregory’s (Okla.) vs Madonna (Mich.) 3-6 Final
Central Methodist (Mo.) vs Indiana Wesleyan 4-5 Final
Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) vs Indiana Southeast 10-0 Final
Webber International (Fla.) vs Thomas (Ga.) 9-6 Final
Reinhardt (Ga.) vs Morningside (Iowa) 9-0 Final
Texas Wesleyan vs Mobile (Ala.) 2-9 Final
Talladega (Ala.) vs Bethany (Kan.) 3-7 Final
Olivet Nazarene (Ill.) vs Azusa Pacific (Calif.) 4-5 Final
Shorter (Ga.) vs Oregon Tech 5-1 Final
William Carey (Miss.) vs Houston-Victoria (Texas) 3-2 Final
Lubbock Christian (Texas) vs Union (Tenn.) 3-2 Final
Williams Baptist (Ark.) vs Oklahoma City 0-5 Final
Southern Nazarene (Okla.) vs Cal State San Marcos 3-7 Final
Lee (Tenn.) vs Central Baptist (Ark.) 2-7 Final
Concordia (Calif.) vs Brenau (Ga.) 0-2 Final
May 21, 2012
William Carey (Miss.) vs Oklahoma City 0-2 Final
Shorter (Ga.) vs Cal State San Marcos 4-3 Final
Central Baptist (Ark.) vs Indiana Southeast 2-1 Final
Brenau (Ga.) vs Auburn Montgomery (Ala.) 4-0 Final
Central Baptist (Ark.) vs Brenau (Ga.) 4-8 Final
William Carey (Miss.) vs Cal State San Marcos 5-7 Final
Auburn Montgomery (Ala.) vs Indiana Southeast 2-1 Final
Shorter (Ga.) vs Oklahoma City 3-1 Final
Auburn Montgomery (Ala.) vs Oklahoma City 1-4 Final
Central Baptist (Ark.) vs Cal State San Marcos 0-4 Final
May 22, 2012
Shorter (Ga.) vs Brenau (Ga.) 5-1 Final
Oklahoma City vs Cal State San Marcos 1-0 Final
Brenau (Ga.) vs Oklahoma City 1-2 Final
May 23, 2012
Shorter (Ga.) vs Oklahoma City 1-0 Final
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