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NAIA Live Webcasts Date Printed: 6/19/2018 7:07:48 PM
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May 10, 2018 - May 24, 2018
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5/17/2018Oklahoma WesleyanFreed-Hardeman (Tenn.)0 - 5Final
5/17/2018Jamestown (N.D.)Oklahoma City7 - 4Final
5/17/2018Antelope Valley (Calif.)William Jessup (Calif.)16 - 15Final
5/17/2018Oklahoma CityJamestown (N.D.)4 - 0Final
5/16/2018Reinhardt (Ga.)Campbellsville (Ky.)7 - 10Final
5/16/2018Point Park (Pa.)Bryan (Tenn.)8 - 7Final
5/16/2018York (Neb.)Jamestown (N.D.)1 - 3Final
5/16/2018Indiana TechWebber International (Fla.)2 - 1Final
5/16/2018Keiser UniversityPoint (Ga.)2 - 6Final
5/16/2018William Jessup (Calif.)Judson (Ill.)8 - 1Final
5/16/2018Taylor (Ind.)Cumberland (Tenn.)2 - 5Final
5/16/2018William Carey (Miss.)IU Southeast (Ind.)6 - 2Final
5/16/2018Point Park (Pa.)Northwestern Ohio1 - 10Final
5/16/2018Jamestown (N.D.)Central Methodist (Mo.)3 - 1Final
5/16/2018Campbellsville (Ky.)Reinhardt (Ga.)1 - 5Final
5/16/2018Tennessee WesleyanClarke (Iowa)5 - 4Final
5/16/2018William Jessup (Calif.)Antelope Valley (Calif.)6 - 1Final
5/16/2018Cumberland (Tenn.)Oklahoma Wesleyan2 - 3Final
5/16/2018Faulkner (Ala.)Indiana Tech10 - 7Final
5/16/2018St. Thomas (Fla.)William Carey (Miss.)6 - 3Final
5/16/2018Southeastern (Fla.)Tennessee Wesleyan7 - 4Final
5/16/2018Georgia GwinnettPoint (Ga.)13 - 0Final
5/15/2018British ColumbiaMiddle Georgia State4 - 3Final
5/15/2018LSU Alexandria (La.)Webber International (Fla.)4 - 7Final
5/15/2018Reinhardt (Ga.)Science & Arts (Okla.)7 - 6Final
5/15/2018Point Park (Pa.)Northwestern Ohio5 - 13Final
5/15/2018Trinity Christian (Ill.)Madonna (Mich.)7 - 6Final
5/15/2018Lyon (Ark.)Indiana Wesleyan12 - 2Final
5/15/2018Cumberland (Tenn.)Northwestern (Iowa)8 - 7Final
5/15/2018Antelope Valley (Calif.)William Jessup (Calif.)4 - 3Final
5/15/2018LSU Shreveport (La.)Westmont (Calif.)8 - 7Final
5/15/2018Indiana TechFaulkner (Ala.)2 - 7Final
5/15/2018Tennessee WesleyanSoutheastern (Fla.)2 - 5Final
5/15/2018Bellevue (Neb.)Campbellsville (Ky.)7 - 9Final
5/15/2018Georgia GwinnettKeiser University10 - 2Final
5/15/2018Mobile (Ala.)York (Neb.)5 - 8Final
5/15/2018Cumberlands (Ky.)Bryan (Tenn.)8 - 11Final
5/15/2018Judson (Ill.)British Columbia15 - 5Final
5/15/2018IU Southeast (Ind.)St. Thomas (Fla.)1 - 6Final
5/15/2018Webber International (Fla.)Talladega (Ala.)8 - 1Final
5/15/2018Point (Ga.)Lyon (Ark.)8 - 1Final
5/15/2018Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)Oklahoma Wesleyan3 - 2Final
5/15/2018Campbellsville (Ky.)Science & Arts (Okla.)7 - 5Final
5/15/2018Oklahoma CityCentral Methodist (Mo.)8 - 3Final
5/15/2018Clarke (Iowa)Trinity Christian (Ill.)8 - 1Final
5/15/2018LSU Shreveport (La.)William Carey (Miss.)5 - 13Final
5/14/2018Bellevue (Neb.)Midland (Neb.)7 - 1Final
5/14/2018Judson (Ill.)British Columbia19 - 8Final
5/14/2018Northwestern OhioMarian (Ind.)7 - 3Final
5/14/2018Clarke (Iowa)Trinity Christian (Ill.)7 - 4Final
5/14/2018Jamestown (N.D.)York (Neb.)14 - 4Final
5/14/2018LSU Alexandria (La.)Talladega (Ala.)0 - 9Final
5/14/2018Indiana WesleyanPoint (Ga.)7 - 10Final
5/14/2018Antelope Valley (Calif.)Middle Georgia State8 - 6Final
5/14/2018Taylor (Ind.)Northwestern (Iowa)2 - 1Final
5/14/2018William Carey (Miss.)LSU Shreveport (La.)11 - 10Final
5/14/2018Campbellsville (Ky.)Reinhardt (Ga.)3 - 8Final
5/14/2018Central Methodist (Mo.)Mobile (Ala.)5 - 3Final
5/14/2018Madonna (Mich.)Tennessee Wesleyan2 - 11Final
5/14/2018Trinity BaptistCleary (Mich.)3 - 8Final
5/14/2018Cumberlands (Ky.)Point Park (Pa.)2 - 8Final
5/14/2018William Jessup (Calif.)Judson (Ill.)12 - 4Final
5/14/2018Webber International (Fla.)Indiana Tech5 - 10Final
5/14/2018Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)Cumberland (Tenn.)13 - 8Final
5/14/2018Lyon (Ark.)Keiser University2 - 8Final
5/14/2018Science & Arts (Okla.)Bellevue (Neb.)15 - 5Final
5/14/2018Westmont (Calif.)IU Southeast (Ind.)1 - 11Final
5/14/2018Oklahoma CityJamestown (N.D.)19 - 8Final
5/14/2018Southeastern (Fla.)Clarke (Iowa)8 - 6Final
5/14/2018Bryan (Tenn.)Northwestern Ohio5 - 10Final
5/14/2018Point (Ga.)Georgia Gwinnett0 - 10Final
5/14/2018Oklahoma WesleyanTaylor (Ind.)13 - 2Final
5/14/2018Talladega (Ala.)Faulkner (Ala.)0 - 20Final
5/14/2018Midland (Neb.)Campbellsville (Ky.)5 - 11Final
5/14/2018St. Thomas (Fla.)William Carey (Miss.)8 - 2Final
5/14/2018Marian (Ind.)Cumberlands (Ky.)4 - 18Final
5/11/2018Central Baptist (Ark.)Southwestern Christian (Okla.)3 - 1Final
5/10/2018College of the Ozarks (Mo.)Ecclesia4 - 5Final
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5/16/2018Science & Arts (Okla.)Midland (Neb.)9 - 2Final
5/16/2018St. Francis (Ill.)Southern Oregon6 - 5Final
5/16/2018Hope International (Calif.)Central Methodist (Mo.)2 - 4Final
5/16/2018Mobile (Ala.)Brenau (Ga.)2 - 0Final
5/16/2018Indiana WesleyanTruett McConnell (Ga.)3 - 5Final
5/16/2018Grand View (Iowa)Oklahoma City0 - 3Final
5/16/2018Central Methodist (Mo.)Columbia (Mo.)0 - 9Final
5/16/2018Indiana WesleyanTruett McConnell (Ga.)7 - 0Final
5/16/2018St. Francis (Ill.)Southern Oregon3 - 8Final
5/15/2018Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)2 - 3Final
5/15/2018Mobile (Ala.)Thomas (Ga.)6 - 3Final
5/15/2018Midland (Neb.)Science & Arts (Okla.)4 - 7Final
5/15/2018Baker (Kan.)Corban (Ore.)0 - 2Final
5/15/2018Southern OregonNorthwestern (Iowa)3 - 2Final
5/15/2018William Carey (Miss.)Indiana Wesleyan1 - 5Final
5/15/2018Madonna (Mich.)Faulkner (Ala.)5 - 6Final
5/15/2018St. Francis (Ill.)Simpson (Calif.)3 - 2Final
5/15/2018Oregon TechNorthwestern Ohio4 - 0Final
5/15/2018Brenau (Ga.)Houston-Victoria (Texas)6 - 5Final
5/15/2018Talladega (Ala.)Truett McConnell (Ga.)3 - 4Final
5/15/2018Corban (Ore.)Marian (Ind.)1 - 3Final
5/15/2018Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)Saint Xavier (Ill.)4 - 1Final
5/15/2018Oregon TechGeorgia Gwinnett4 - 0Final
5/15/2018Oklahoma WesleyanJamestown (N.D.)0 - 4Final
5/15/2018Campbellsville (Ky.)Faulkner (Ala.)0 - 2Final
5/15/2018Dickinson State (N.D.)Central Methodist (Mo.)1 - 5Final
5/15/2018William Carey (Miss.)Truett McConnell (Ga.)2 - 4Final
5/15/2018Northwestern (Iowa)St. Francis (Ill.)2 - 5Final
5/15/2018Brenau (Ga.)Thomas (Ga.)1 - 0Final
5/15/2018Grand View (Iowa)Oklahoma City0 - 3Final
5/15/2018Midland (Neb.)Jamestown (N.D.)3 - 2Final
5/15/2018Georgia GwinnettOregon Tech4 - 1Final
5/15/2018Columbia (Mo.)Hope International (Calif.)6 - 3Final
5/15/2018Saint Xavier (Ill.)Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)3 - 7Final
5/15/2018Faulkner (Ala.)Campbellsville (Ky.)2 - 1Final
5/15/2018Tabor (Kan.)Eastern Oregon1 - 0Final
5/15/2018Grand View (Iowa)Tabor (Kan.)13 - 0Final
5/14/2018Truett McConnell (Ga.)William Carey (Miss.)0 - 5Final
5/14/2018Houston-Victoria (Texas)Thomas (Ga.)3 - 8Final
5/14/2018Jamestown (N.D.)Midland (Neb.)0 - 1Final
5/14/2018Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)3 - 7Final
5/14/2018Baker (Kan.)Corban (Ore.)2 - 1Final
5/14/2018Grand View (Iowa)Tabor (Kan.)4 - 0Final
5/14/2018Faulkner (Ala.)Rio Grande (Ohio)1 - 0Final
5/14/2018Northwestern OhioGeorgia Gwinnett0 - 16Final
5/14/2018Central Methodist (Mo.)Columbia (Mo.)12 - 14Final
5/14/2018St. Francis (Ill.)Northwestern (Iowa)2 - 4Final
5/14/2018Science & Arts (Okla.)Oklahoma Wesleyan3 - 0Final
5/14/2018Brenau (Ga.)Mobile (Ala.)1 - 6Final
5/14/2018Eastern OregonOklahoma City0 - 4Final
5/14/2018Simpson (Calif.)Southern Oregon1 - 9Final
5/14/2018Indiana WesleyanTalladega (Ala.)5 - 0Final
5/14/2018Marian (Ind.)Midway (Ky.)9 - 1Final
5/14/2018Madonna (Mich.)Campbellsville (Ky.)0 - 1Final
5/14/2018Southeastern (Fla.)Oregon Tech2 - 3Final
5/14/2018Midway (Ky.)Corban (Ore.)0 - 2Final
5/14/2018Vanguard (Calif.)Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)3 - 6Final
5/14/2018Rio Grande (Ohio)Madonna (Mich.)0 - 7Final
5/14/2018Baker (Kan.)Marian (Ind.)4 - 10Final
5/14/2018Southeastern (Fla.)Northwestern Ohio0 - 4Final
5/14/2018Saint Xavier (Ill.)Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)1 - 0Final
5/14/2018Campbellsville (Ky.)Faulkner (Ala.)4 - 2Final
5/14/2018Vanguard (Calif.)Saint Xavier (Ill.)0 - 1Final
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5/12/2018SCAD Savannah (Ga.)Indiana Tech18 - 11Final(-4OT)
5/11/2018Cumberlands (Ky.)Indiana Tech8 - 17Final(-4OT)
5/11/2018SCAD Savannah (Ga.)Lawrence Tech (Mich.)18 - 11Final(-4OT)
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