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NAIA Live Webcasts Date Printed: 3/4/2021 12:10:41 PM
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February 24, 2021 - March 09, 2021
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2/24/2021Blue Mountain (Miss.)Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)7 - 8Final
2/24/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)St. Ambrose (Iowa)6 - 1Final
2/24/2021Georgia GwinnettTennessee Wesleyan1 - 6Final
2/24/2021SAGU (Texas)DCC13 - 2Final
2/24/2021Point (Ga.)Tuskegee University7 - 3Final
2/24/2021Georgetown (Ky.)Cleary (Mich.)8 - 1Final
2/24/2021William Carey (Miss.)Bryant & Stratton7 - 4Final
2/24/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)St. Ambrose (Iowa)5 - 2Final
2/25/2021Montreat (N.C.)Bryan (Tenn.)5 - 19 *Final
2/25/2021Central Baptist (Ark.)Champion Christian10 - 1Final
2/25/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)St. Ambrose (Iowa)9 - 6Final
2/25/2021Truett McConnell (Ga.)Milligan (Tenn.)13 - 19 *Final
2/25/2021Montreat (N.C.)Bryan (Tenn.)2 - 12 *Final
2/25/2021Central Baptist (Ark.)Champion Christian12 - 9Final
2/25/2021Point (Ga.)St. Andrews (N.C.)2 - 6 *Final
2/25/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)St. Ambrose (Iowa)18 - 3Final
2/25/2021Truett McConnell (Ga.)Milligan (Tenn.)10 - 2 *Final
2/25/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)Midland (Neb.)3 - 4Final
2/25/2021Point (Ga.)St. Andrews (N.C.)6 - 5 *Final
2/26/2021Bellevue (Neb.)William Woods (Mo.)8 - 7Final
2/26/2021Columbia International (S.C.)Kentucky Christian6 - 2 *Final
2/26/2021Mid-America Christian (Okla.)Evangel (Mo.)2 - 0Final
2/26/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)9 - 0Final
2/26/2021Central Christian (Kan.)Dordt (Iowa)12 - 13Final
2/26/2021Sterling (Kan.)Waldorf (Iowa)14 - 7Final
2/26/2021Rio Grande (Ohio)Siena Heights (Mich.)7 - 3Final
2/26/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)SAGU (Texas)4 - 3Final
2/26/2021College of the Ozarks (Mo.)Concordia (Neb.)3 - 6Final
2/26/2021Point Park (Pa.)Spring Arbor (Mich.)6 - 2Final
2/26/2021IU Southeast (Ind.)Huntington (Ind.)2 - 3Final
2/26/2021Georgetown (Ky.)Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)6 - 2 *Final
2/26/2021Taylor (Ind.)Indiana Tech2 - 1Final
2/26/2021Point (Ga.)St. Andrews (N.C.)8 - 7 *Final
2/26/2021Missouri BaptistBaker (Kan.)7 - 14Final
2/26/2021Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)Bellevue (Neb.)5 - 14Final
2/26/2021Middle Georgia StateIU Kokomo (Ind.)5 - 4Final
2/26/2021IU Southeast (Ind.)Huntington (Ind.)3 - 8Final
2/26/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)12 - 0Final
2/26/2021Missouri ValleyTrinity Christian (Ill.)3 - 5Final
2/26/2021Stillman College (Ala.)Xavier (La.)14 - 18Final
2/26/2021Ottawa (Kan.)Hastings (Neb.)5 - 0Final
2/26/2021Mid-America Christian (Okla.)Evangel (Mo.)2 - 10Final
2/26/2021Sterling (Kan.)Waldorf (Iowa)5 - 3Final
2/26/2021Rio Grande (Ohio)Siena Heights (Mich.)6 - 5Final
2/26/2021Williams Baptist (Ark.)Lincoln (Ill.)13 - 0Final
2/26/2021Oklahoma CityMount Mercy (Iowa)20 - 17Final
2/26/2021Central Christian (Kan.)Dordt (Iowa)17 - 10Final
2/26/2021Kansas WesleyanMorningside (Iowa)9 - 6Final
2/26/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)SAGU (Texas)6 - 2Final
2/26/2021College of the Ozarks (Mo.)Concordia (Neb.)4 - 2Final
2/26/2021Jamestown (N.D.)Graceland (Iowa)4 - 3Final
2/26/2021Brewton-Parker (Ga.)Marian (Ind.)13 - 3Final
2/26/2021Bethel (Tenn.)Pikeville (Ky.)5 - 6 *Final
2/26/2021Taylor (Ind.)Indiana Tech8 - 1Final
2/26/2021Grace (Ind.)Asbury (Ky.)3 - 12Final
2/26/2021Missouri ValleyTrinity Christian (Ill.)10 - 8Final
2/26/2021Central Methodist (Mo.)Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)9 - 0Final
2/26/2021Southeastern BaptistWilliam Carey (Miss.)5 - 24Final
2/26/2021Middle Georgia StateIU Kokomo (Ind.)1 - 2Final
2/26/2021Loyola (La.)LSU Alexandria (La.)11 - 10Final
2/26/2021Faulkner (Ala.)Judson (Ill.)8 - 4Final
2/26/2021Brewton-Parker (Ga.)Marian (Ind.)5 - 4Final
2/26/2021Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)Thomas More (Ky.)12 - 2 *Final
2/27/2021Columbia International (S.C.)Kentucky Christian10 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021Columbia International (S.C.)Kentucky Christian11 - 1 *Final
2/27/2021WVU TechNorthwestern Ohio8 - 7Final
2/27/2021Brewton-Parker (Ga.)Marian (Ind.)7 - 12Final
2/27/2021Blue Mountain (Miss.)Texas A&M - Texarkana7 - 2Final
2/27/2021Oklahoma CityMount Mercy (Iowa)1 - 3Final
2/27/2021St. Katherine (CA)Bethesda11 - 3Final
2/27/2021Stillman College (Ala.)Xavier (La.)3 - 7Final
2/27/2021McPherson (Kan.)Doane (Neb.)10 - 1Final
2/27/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)8 - 1Final
2/27/2021Missouri ValleyTrinity Christian (Ill.)1 - 2Final
2/27/2021Northwestern (Iowa)William Penn (Iowa)0 - 3Final
2/27/2021College of the Ozarks (Mo.)Concordia (Neb.)1 - 5Final
2/27/2021William Woods (Mo.)Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)6 - 3Final
2/27/2021Ottawa (Kan.)Hastings (Neb.)9 - 3Final
2/27/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Mount Marty (S.D.)5 - 4Final
2/27/2021Bethany (Kan.)Culver-Stockton (Mo.)4 - 2Final
2/27/2021Oklahoma Panhandle StateTabor (Kan.)18 - 13Final
2/27/2021Southeastern (Fla.)Spring Arbor (Mich.)19 - 3Final
2/27/2021Missouri BaptistBaker (Kan.)3 - 1Final
2/27/2021St. Mary (Kan.)Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)3 - 5Final
2/27/2021Middle Georgia StateIU Kokomo (Ind.)6 - 2Final
2/27/2021Loyola (La.)LSU Alexandria (La.)3 - 8Final
2/27/2021Sterling (Kan.)Waldorf (Iowa)21 - 4Final
2/27/2021Faulkner (Ala.)Judson (Ill.)12 - 4Final
2/27/2021Bethel (Tenn.)Pikeville (Ky.)8 - 3 *Final
2/27/2021Viterbo (Wis.)Mount Mercy (Iowa)2 - 7Final
2/27/2021Friends (Kan.)MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)1 - 0Final
2/27/2021Georgetown (Ky.)Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)4 - 8 *Final
2/27/2021McPherson (Kan.)Doane (Neb.)12 - 8Final
2/27/2021College of the Ozarks (Mo.)Concordia (Neb.)0 - 5Final
2/27/2021SAGU (Texas)Midland (Neb.)7 - 1Final
2/27/2021Williams Baptist (Ark.)Lincoln (Ill.)16 - 1Final
2/27/2021IU Southeast (Ind.)Huntington (Ind.)6 - 9Final
2/27/2021Taylor (Ind.)Indiana Tech4 - 3Final
2/27/2021Georgia GwinnettWVU Tech22 - 2Final
2/27/2021Missouri ValleyTrinity Christian (Ill.)7 - 0Final
2/27/2021Park (Mo.)Northwestern (Iowa)8 - 12Final
2/27/2021Jamestown (N.D.)Presentation (S.D.)4 - 1Final
2/27/2021Blue Mountain (Miss.)Texas A&M - Texarkana5 - 17Final
2/27/2021St. Katherine (CA)Bethesda12 - 2Final
2/27/2021Stillman College (Ala.)Xavier (La.)5 - 7Final
2/27/2021Bethel (Tenn.)Pikeville (Ky.)7 - 4 *Final
2/27/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Mount Marty (S.D.)14 - 13Final
2/27/2021Tennessee WesleyanReinhardt (Ga.)11 - 6 *Final
2/27/2021Montreat (N.C.)Bryan (Tenn.)4 - 8 *Final
2/27/2021Bellevue (Neb.)Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)14 - 3Final
2/27/2021Missouri BaptistBaker (Kan.)1 - 6Final
2/27/2021St. Mary (Kan.)Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)2 - 10Final
2/27/2021Ottawa (Kan.)Hastings (Neb.)9 - 0Final
2/27/2021Loyola (La.)LSU Alexandria (La.)9 - 10Final
2/27/2021Faulkner (Ala.)Judson (Ill.)12 - 3Final
2/27/2021Friends (Kan.)MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)2 - 0Final
2/27/2021IU Southeast (Ind.)Huntington (Ind.)3 - 4Final
2/27/2021Williams Baptist (Ark.)Lincoln (Ill.)17 - 12Final
2/27/2021Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)Oregon Tech4 - 3 *Final
2/27/2021Bethany (Kan.)Culver-Stockton (Mo.)7 - 0Final
2/27/2021Sterling (Kan.)Waldorf (Iowa)5 - 4Final
2/27/2021Oklahoma Panhandle StateTabor (Kan.)3 - 4Final
2/27/2021Midland (Neb.)SAGU (Texas)3 - 1Final
2/27/2021Oklahoma CityViterbo (Wis.)10 - 0Final
2/27/2021Georgetown (Ky.)Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)3 - 2 *Final
2/27/2021William Penn (Iowa)Park (Mo.)5 - 4Final
2/27/2021Science & Arts (Okla.)Southwestern (Kan.)2 - 4Final
2/27/2021Briar Cliff (Iowa)Dakota State (S.D.)13 - 0Final
2/27/2021Taylor (Ind.)Indiana Tech13 - 1Final
2/27/2021Grand View (Iowa)Jamestown (N.D.)0 - 1Final
2/27/2021Middle Georgia StateIU Kokomo (Ind.)15 - 8Final
2/27/2021Central Methodist (Mo.)Bellevue (Neb.)12 - 5Final
2/27/2021Oklahoma WesleyanPeru State (Neb.)7 - 5Final
2/27/2021Georgia GwinnettNorthwestern Ohio10 - 0Final
2/27/2021Truett McConnell (Ga.)Milligan (Tenn.)8 - 10 *Final
2/27/2021Columbia (Mo.)York (Neb.)13 - 3Final
2/27/2021Mobile (Ala.)Spring Hill4 - 0Final
2/27/2021Science & Arts (Okla.)Southwestern (Kan.)21 - 5Final
2/27/2021Oklahoma WesleyanLyon (Ark.)11 - 5Final
2/28/2021Northwestern OhioWVU Tech14 - 2Final
2/28/2021Jamestown (N.D.)William Penn (Iowa)1 - 6Final
2/28/2021Mount Mercy (Iowa)Viterbo (Wis.)3 - 0Final
2/28/2021Tennessee WesleyanReinhardt (Ga.)11 - 4 *Final
2/28/2021Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)Graceland (Iowa)12 - 3Final
2/28/2021Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)Oregon Tech1 - 4 *Final
2/28/2021Presentation (S.D.)Park (Mo.)2 - 1Final
2/28/2021McPherson (Kan.)Doane (Neb.)5 - 1Final
2/28/2021Science & Arts (Okla.)Southwestern (Kan.)4 - 1Final
2/28/2021Bethany (Kan.)Culver-Stockton (Mo.)9 - 15Final
2/28/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Mount Marty (S.D.)6 - 3Final
2/28/2021Central Methodist (Mo.)William Woods (Mo.)10 - 1Final
2/28/2021Dakota State (S.D.)Briar Cliff (Iowa)5 - 14Final
2/28/2021Columbia (Mo.)York (Neb.)6 - 11Final
2/28/2021St. Mary (Kan.)Jamestown (N.D.)3 - 8Final
2/28/2021Oklahoma CityViterbo (Wis.)14 - 0Final
2/28/2021Ottawa (Kan.)Hastings (Neb.)9 - 2Final
2/28/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)Midland (Neb.)2 - 5Final
2/28/2021Tabor (Kan.)Oklahoma Panhandle State13 - 4Final
2/28/2021McPherson (Kan.)Doane (Neb.)13 - 12Final
2/28/2021Georgia GwinnettWVU Tech3 - 6Final
2/28/2021Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)Graceland (Iowa)8 - 2Final
2/28/2021Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)Oregon Tech8 - 3 *Final
2/28/2021Central Methodist (Mo.)William Woods (Mo.)1 - 3Final
2/28/2021Tennessee WesleyanReinhardt (Ga.)9 - 6 *Final
2/28/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Mount Marty (S.D.)10 - 2Final
2/28/2021Dakota State (S.D.)Briar Cliff (Iowa)3 - 10Final
2/28/2021Bethany (Kan.)Culver-Stockton (Mo.)13 - 15Final
2/28/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)Midland (Neb.)9 - 2Final
2/28/2021Science & Arts (Okla.)Southwestern (Kan.)5 - 1Final
2/28/2021Columbia (Mo.)York (Neb.)6 - 2Final
2/28/2021Tabor (Kan.)Oklahoma Panhandle State14 - 7Final
2/28/2021William Penn (Iowa)St. Mary (Kan.)4 - 2Final
2/28/2021Oklahoma WesleyanLyon (Ark.)3 - 1Final
3/1/2021Blue Mountain (Miss.)Rust (Miss.)6 - 5Final
3/1/2021Oklahoma CityNorthwestern (Iowa)5 - 4Final
3/1/2021Blue Mountain (Miss.)Rust (Miss.)8 - 5Final
3/1/2021Oklahoma CityNorthwestern (Iowa)2 - 5Final
3/1/2021Warner (Fla.)Spring Arbor (Mich.)15 - 9Final
3/2/2021RandallSouthwestern Christian (Okla.)0 - 8Final
3/2/2021Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)Calumet St. Joseph (Ind.)10 - 6Final
3/2/2021Georgetown (Ky.)Midway (Ky.)7 - 4Final
3/2/2021Mid-America Christian (Okla.)Northwestern (Iowa)12 - 3Final
3/2/2021St. Mary (Kan.)Baker (Kan.)2 - 11Final
3/2/2021RandallSouthwestern Christian (Okla.)0 - 10Final
3/2/2021Sterling (Kan.)Kansas Wesleyan11 - 14 *Final
3/2/2021Tabor (Kan.)McPherson (Kan.)5 - 17 *Final
3/2/2021Bethany (Kan.)York (Neb.)9 - 3 *Final
3/2/2021Avila (Mo.)Ottawa (Kan.)8 - 10 *Final
3/2/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Brewton-Parker (Ga.)8 - 7Final
3/2/2021Ohio Christian (Ohio)Shawnee State (Ohio)5 - 1110th
3/2/2021Bluefield (Va.)Carolina University11 - 1Final
3/2/2021Calumet St. Joseph (Ind.)Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)10 - 11Final
3/2/2021Georgetown (Ky.)Midway (Ky.)6 - 1Final
3/2/2021Warner (Fla.)Spring Arbor (Mich.)10 - 8Final
3/3/2021Indiana WesleyanCleary (Mich.)10 - 4Final
3/3/2021Siena Heights (Mich.)St. Francis (Ind.)4 - 15Final
3/3/2021Tennessee WesleyanCumberlands (Ky.)6 - 5Final
3/3/2021WVU TechKentucky Christian4 - 6Final
3/3/2021Indiana WesleyanCleary (Mich.)16 - 15Final
3/3/2021Science & Arts (Okla.)Northwestern (Iowa)17 - 4Final
3/3/2021Siena Heights (Mich.)St. Francis (Ind.)9 - 12Final
3/3/2021Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)IU Southeast (Ind.)9 - 15Final
3/3/2021Asbury (Ky.)Alice Lloyd11 - 10Final
3/3/2021Hastings (Neb.)York (Neb.)11 - 5Final
3/4/2021Midland (Neb.)Valley City State (N.D.)10 - 3Final
3/4/2021Midland (Neb.)Valley City State (N.D.)2 - 17th
3/4/2021Blue Mountain (Miss.)Williams Baptist (Ark.)0 - 01st
3/4/2021Taylor (Ind.)Goshen (Ind.)0 - 0 *1st
3/4/2021U of Northwestern (MN)Northwestern (Iowa)1:00 PM 
3/4/2021Texas A&M - TexarkanaJarvis Christian (Texas)2:00 PM 
3/4/2021Blue Mountain (Miss.)Williams Baptist (Ark.)2:00 PM 
3/4/2021U of Northwestern (MN)Northwestern (Iowa)3:00 PM 
3/4/2021Taylor (Ind.)Goshen (Ind.)4:00 PM * 
3/4/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)Ottawa (Ariz.)4:00 PM 
3/4/2021Texas A&M - TexarkanaJarvis Christian (Texas)5:00 PM 
3/5/2021Talladega (Ala.)Mobile (Ala.)11:30 AM 
3/5/2021MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)Trinity Christian (Ill.)12:00 PM 
3/5/2021College of the Ozarks (Mo.)Southwestern Christian (Okla.)12:00 PM 
3/5/2021SAGU (Texas)Oklahoma Panhandle State12:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)Ottawa (Ariz.)1:00 PM 
3/5/2021Indiana WesleyanSt. Francis (Ind.)1:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Talladega (Ala.)Mobile (Ala.)1:00 PM 
3/5/2021Midway (Ky.)WVU Tech2:00 PM * 
3/5/2021College of the Ozarks (Mo.)Southwestern Christian (Okla.)2:00 PM 
3/5/2021Montreat (N.C.)Tennessee Wesleyan2:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Missouri BaptistPeru State (Neb.)2:00 PM 
3/5/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)2:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Indiana WesleyanSt. Francis (Ind.)3:00 PM * 
3/5/2021MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)Trinity Christian (Ill.)3:00 PM 
3/5/2021Bluefield (Va.)Milligan (Tenn.)0 - 0 * 
3/5/2021SAGU (Texas)Oklahoma Panhandle State3:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)Ottawa (Ariz.)4:00 PM 
3/5/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Bryan (Tenn.)4:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Edward Waters (Fla.)Brewton-Parker (Ga.)5:00 PM 
3/5/2021Loyola (La.)Xavier (La.)6:30 PM 
3/5/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Cumberland (Tenn.)7:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Midland (Neb.)Valley City State (N.D.)10:00 PM 
3/5/2021Midland (Neb.)Valley City State (N.D.)11:50 PM 
3/6/2021Hastings (Neb.)Mayville State (N.D.)12:00 AM 
3/6/2021Hastings (Neb.)Mayville State (N.D.)12:00 AM 
3/6/2021Thomas (Ga.)Mobile (Ala.)11:30 AM 
3/6/2021Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)Corban (Ore.)12:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Midway (Ky.)WVU Tech12:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Columbia (Mo.)Morningside (Iowa)12:00 PM 
3/6/2021MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)Trinity Christian (Ill.)12:00 PM 
3/6/2021LSU Shreveport (La.)Jarvis Christian (Texas)12:00 PM 
3/6/2021Bluefield (Va.)Milligan (Tenn.)12:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)12:00 PM * 
3/6/2021SAGU (Texas)Oklahoma Panhandle State12:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Montreat (N.C.)Tennessee Wesleyan12:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Montreat (N.C.)Tennessee Wesleyan12:00 PM * 
3/6/2021College of the Ozarks (Mo.)Southwestern Christian (Okla.)12:00 PM 
3/6/2021Mount Mercy (Iowa)St. Ambrose (Iowa)12:00 PM 
3/6/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Cumberland (Tenn.)12:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Missouri BaptistIndiana Tech12:30 PM 
3/6/2021Northwestern (Iowa)U of Northwestern (MN)1:00 PM 
3/6/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)Ottawa (Ariz.)1:00 PM 
3/6/2021Edward Waters (Fla.)Brewton-Parker (Ga.)1:00 PM 
3/6/2021Edward Waters (Fla.)Brewton-Parker (Ga.)1:00 PM 
3/6/2021William Woods (Mo.)Missouri Valley1:00 PM 
3/6/2021Taylor (Ind.)Goshen (Ind.)1:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Bryan (Tenn.)1:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Oklahoma CityMid-America Christian (Okla.)1:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Indiana WesleyanSt. Francis (Ind.)1:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Baker (Kan.)Clarke (Iowa)1:00 PM 
3/6/2021Georgia GwinnettMiddle Georgia State2:00 PM 
3/6/2021College of the Ozarks (Mo.)Southwestern Christian (Okla.)2:00 PM 
3/6/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)2:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Loyola (La.)Xavier (La.)2:00 PM 
3/6/2021Thomas (Ga.)Mobile (Ala.)2:30 PM 
3/6/2021Mount Mercy (Iowa)St. Ambrose (Iowa)2:30 PM 
3/6/2021Baker (Kan.)Clarke (Iowa)3:00 PM 
3/6/2021Missouri BaptistCentral Methodist (Mo.)3:00 PM 
3/6/2021Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)Corban (Ore.)3:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Columbia (Mo.)Morningside (Iowa)3:00 PM 
3/6/2021Indiana WesleyanSt. Francis (Ind.)3:00 PM * 
3/6/2021LSU Shreveport (La.)Jarvis Christian (Texas)3:00 PM 
3/6/2021MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)Trinity Christian (Ill.)3:00 PM 
3/6/2021Midway (Ky.)WVU Tech3:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Cumberland (Tenn.)3:00 PM * 
3/6/2021William Woods (Mo.)Missouri Valley3:00 PM 
3/6/2021Northwestern (Iowa)U of Northwestern (MN)3:00 PM 
3/6/2021Oklahoma CityMid-America Christian (Okla.)3:30 PM * 
3/6/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Bryan (Tenn.)4:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Taylor (Ind.)Goshen (Ind.)4:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Loyola (La.)Xavier (La.)4:30 PM 
3/6/2021Georgia GwinnettMiddle Georgia State6:00 PM 
3/7/2021Hastings (Neb.)Mayville State (N.D.)12:00 AM 
3/7/2021Hastings (Neb.)Mayville State (N.D.)12:00 AM 
3/7/2021Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)Corban (Ore.)11:00 AM * 
3/7/2021Baker (Kan.)Clarke (Iowa)12:00 PM 
3/7/2021Mount Mercy (Iowa)St. Ambrose (Iowa)12:00 PM 
3/7/2021William Woods (Mo.)Missouri Valley12:00 PM 
3/7/2021Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)Corban (Ore.)2:00 PM * 
3/7/2021Baker (Kan.)Clarke (Iowa)2:00 PM 
3/7/2021Columbia (Mo.)Morningside (Iowa)0 - 0 
3/7/2021William Woods (Mo.)Missouri Valley2:00 PM 
3/7/2021Mount Mercy (Iowa)St. Ambrose (Iowa)2:30 PM 
3/8/2021Houston-Victoria (Texas)Ottawa (Ariz.)12:00 PM 
3/9/2021Martin Methodist (Tenn.)Blue Mountain (Miss.)11:00 AM 
3/9/2021Montreat (N.C.)Mid-Atlantic Christian Un12:00 PM 
3/9/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Bluefield (Va.)1:00 PM 
3/9/2021Point (Ga.)Mobile (Ala.)1:00 PM 
3/9/2021Mount Mercy (Iowa)St. Francis (Ill.)1:00 PM 
3/9/2021Baker (Kan.)Morningside (Iowa)1:00 PM 
3/9/2021Baker (Kan.)Morningside (Iowa)1:00 PM 
3/9/2021Martin Methodist (Tenn.)Blue Mountain (Miss.)2:00 PM 
3/9/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Milligan (Tenn.)2:00 PM 
3/9/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Milligan (Tenn.)2:00 PM 
3/9/2021Montreat (N.C.)Mid-Atlantic Christian Un3:00 PM 
3/9/2021Jarvis Christian (Texas)SAGU (Texas)3:00 PM 
3/9/2021Mount Mercy (Iowa)St. Francis (Ill.)3:30 PM 
3/9/2021Point (Ga.)Mobile (Ala.)3:30 PM 
3/9/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Bluefield (Va.)4:00 PM 
3/9/2021Southern ArkansasTexas A&M - Texarkana6:00 PM 
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2/24/2021Ottawa (Kan.)MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)9 - 1Final
2/24/2021Georgia GwinnettBryan (Tenn.)7 - 2Final
2/24/2021Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Marian (Ind.)3 - 2Final
2/24/2021Ottawa (Kan.)MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)9 - 6Final
2/24/2021Milligan (Tenn.)WVU Tech1 - 5Final
2/24/2021Mobile (Ala.)Xavier (La.)8 - 0Final
2/24/2021William Carey (Miss.)MUW8 - 0Final
2/24/2021Texas A&M - TexarkanaTexas A&M San Antonio (Texas)8 - 0 *Final
2/24/2021Georgia GwinnettBryan (Tenn.)8 - 0Final
2/24/2021Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Marian (Ind.)10 - 6Final
2/24/2021Mobile (Ala.)Xavier (La.)10 - 4Final
2/24/2021William Carey (Miss.)MUW8 - 0Final
2/24/2021Milligan (Tenn.)WVU Tech9 - 3Final
2/25/2021Texas A&M - TexarkanaTexas A&M San Antonio (Texas)8 - 0 *Final
2/25/2021St. Mary (Kan.)Doane (Neb.)3 - 5Final
2/25/2021Truett McConnell (Ga.)Brewton-Parker (Ga.)9 - 3Final
2/25/2021Southwestern (Kan.)Peru State (Neb.)1 - 8Final
2/25/2021Columbia International (S.C.)Carolina University5 - 4Final
2/25/2021Blue Mountain (Miss.)Lyon (Ark.)8 - 2Final
2/25/2021Columbia (S.C.)Reinhardt (Ga.)1 - 11 *Final
2/25/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)University of St. Thomas5 - 1Final
2/25/2021Point (Ga.)St. Andrews (N.C.)8 - 0 *Final
2/25/2021Columbia (S.C.)Reinhardt (Ga.)1 - 9 *Final
2/25/2021Blue Mountain (Miss.)Lyon (Ark.)3 - 2Final
2/25/2021Columbia International (S.C.)Carolina University6 - 3Final
2/25/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Ohio Christian (Ohio)7 - 1Final
2/25/2021Martin Methodist (Tenn.)Campbellsville (Ky.)4 - 14 *Final
2/25/2021St. Mary (Kan.)Doane (Neb.)2 - 12Final
2/25/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)University of St. Thomas4 - 11Final
2/25/2021Point (Ga.)St. Andrews (N.C.)13 - 2 *Final
2/25/2021Truett McConnell (Ga.)Brewton-Parker (Ga.)8 - 7Final
2/25/2021Martin Methodist (Tenn.)Campbellsville (Ky.)0 - 13 *Final
2/25/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Ohio Christian (Ohio)4 - 0Final
2/26/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Ohio Christian (Ohio)5 - 0Final
2/26/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Ohio Christian (Ohio)10 - 2Final
2/26/2021IU Southeast (Ind.)Grace (Ind.)8 - 0Final
2/26/2021Midway (Ky.)Indiana Wesleyan2 - 3Final
2/26/2021Baker (Kan.)Kansas Wesleyan4 - 5Final
2/26/2021Sterling (Kan.)Briar Cliff (Iowa)0 - 4Final
2/26/2021Avila (Mo.)MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)4 - 3Final
2/26/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)Central Christian (Kan.)2 - 5 *Final
2/26/2021Williams Baptist (Ark.)Graceland (Iowa)5 - 6Final
2/26/2021Park (Mo.)Dordt (Iowa)1 - 5Final
2/26/2021Bethel (Tenn.)Thomas More (Ky.)11 - 10 *Final
2/26/2021Bethany (Kan.)Mount Marty (S.D.)9 - 5Final
2/26/2021IU Southeast (Ind.)Grace (Ind.)2 - 0Final
2/26/2021Midway (Ky.)Indiana Wesleyan0 - 6Final
2/26/2021Baker (Kan.)Kansas Wesleyan7 - 8Final
2/26/2021Sterling (Kan.)Briar Cliff (Iowa)2 - 4Final
2/26/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)Central Christian (Kan.)1 - 7 *Final
2/26/2021Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)Georgetown (Ky.)3 - 0 *Final
2/26/2021Williams Baptist (Ark.)Graceland (Iowa)3 - 0Final
2/26/2021Bethel (Tenn.)Thomas More (Ky.)6 - 1 *Final
2/26/2021Oklahoma WesleyanEcclesia15 - 0Final
2/26/2021Park (Mo.)Dordt (Iowa)2 - 12Final
2/26/2021Avila (Mo.)MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)5 - 4Final
2/26/2021LSU Alexandria (La.)Jarvis Christian (Texas)6 - 0 *Final
2/26/2021Bethany (Kan.)Mount Marty (S.D.)3 - 6Final
2/26/2021Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)Georgetown (Ky.)2 - 1 *Final
2/27/2021St. Xavier (Ill.)St. Francis (Ind.)9 - 1Final
2/27/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Briar Cliff (Iowa)3 - 2Final
2/27/2021Spring Arbor (Mich.)Webber International (Fla.)7 - 9Final
2/27/2021Williams Baptist (Ark.)Graceland (Iowa)3 - 0Final
2/27/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)Central Christian (Kan.)4 - 3 *Final
2/27/2021Indiana TechSt. Francis (Ind.)4 - 3Final
2/27/2021College of IdahoCarroll (Mont.)9 - 0Final
2/27/2021Avila (Mo.)Dordt (Iowa)2 - 3Final
2/27/2021Bethel (Tenn.)Thomas More (Ky.)5 - 9 *Final
2/27/2021Williams Baptist (Ark.)Graceland (Iowa)15 - 8Final
2/27/2021Brenau (Ga.)Faulkner (Ala.)4 - 9Final
2/27/2021Bethel (Kan.)Peru State (Neb.)1 - 10Final
2/27/2021Missouri BaptistJudson (Ill.)2 - 1Final
2/27/2021IU Southeast (Ind.)IU South Bend (Ind.)1 - 0Final
2/27/2021Mid-America Christian (Okla.)Oklahoma Wesleyan3 - 4Final
2/27/2021McPherson (Kan.)Morningside (Iowa)0 - 8Final
2/27/2021William Woods (Mo.)Bacone (Okla.)7 - 2Final
2/27/2021Columbia International (S.C.)Montreat (N.C.)5 - 1 *Final
2/27/2021Point (Ga.)Bluefield (Va.)3 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021Ottawa (Kan.)Grand View (Iowa)3 - 0Final
2/27/2021Bethany (Kan.)Hastings (Neb.)10 - 14Final
2/27/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Briar Cliff (Iowa)3 - 2Final
2/27/2021Warner (Fla.)Spring Arbor (Mich.)5 - 3Final
2/27/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)Central Christian (Kan.)5 - 4 *Final
2/27/2021Xavier (La.)William Carey (Miss.)1 - 10Final
2/27/2021Avila (Mo.)Dordt (Iowa)2 - 6Final
2/27/2021LSU Alexandria (La.)Jarvis Christian (Texas)2 - 3 *3rd
2/27/2021Ottawa (Kan.)Grand View (Iowa)2 - 5Final
2/27/2021Bethany (Kan.)Hastings (Neb.)16 - 7Final
2/27/2021Point (Ga.)Bluefield (Va.)5 - 4 *Final
2/27/2021Brenau (Ga.)Faulkner (Ala.)6 - 3Final
2/27/2021Bethel (Kan.)Peru State (Neb.)5 - 17Final
2/27/2021Missouri BaptistJudson (Ill.)6 - 9Final
2/27/2021IU Southeast (Ind.)IU South Bend (Ind.)9 - 1Final
2/27/2021Brewton-Parker (Ga.)Coastal Georgia (Ga.)2 - 7Final
2/27/2021McPherson (Kan.)Morningside (Iowa)1 - 10Final
2/27/2021Columbia International (S.C.)Montreat (N.C.)10 - 7 *Final
2/27/2021William Woods (Mo.)Bacone (Okla.)9 - 3Final
2/27/2021Mid-America Christian (Okla.)Oklahoma Wesleyan9 - 5Final
2/27/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Rio Grande (Ohio)2 - 3Final
2/27/2021Midway (Ky.)Huntington (Ind.)4 - 7Final
2/27/2021College of IdahoEastern Oregon9 - 2Final
2/27/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Rio Grande (Ohio)3 - 5Final
2/27/2021Midway (Ky.)Huntington (Ind.)4 - 10Final
2/28/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Rio Grande (Ohio)8 - 0Final
2/28/2021College of IdahoCarroll (Mont.)8 - 10Final
2/28/2021Georgia GwinnettCoastal Georgia (Ga.)8 - 6Final
2/28/2021St. Mary (Kan.)St. Mary (Neb.)5 - 9Final
2/28/2021Bethel (Kan.)Morningside (Iowa)2 - 11Final
2/28/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)Trinity University3 - 7Final
2/28/2021Friends (Kan.)Hastings (Neb.)9 - 0Final
2/28/2021Bethany (Kan.)Concordia (Neb.)4 - 5Final
2/28/2021McPherson (Kan.)Peru State (Neb.)7 - 6Final
2/28/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Rio Grande (Ohio)3 - 1Final
2/28/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Avila (Mo.)25 - 6Final
2/28/2021Friends (Kan.)Hastings (Neb.)5 - 3Final
2/28/2021Bethany (Kan.)Concordia (Neb.)0 - 10Final
2/28/2021McPherson (Kan.)Peru State (Neb.)8 - 0Final
2/28/2021Bethel (Kan.)Morningside (Iowa)3 - 9Final
2/28/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)Trinity University4 - 0Final
2/28/2021Georgia GwinnettCoastal Georgia (Ga.)6 - 10Final
2/28/2021St. Mary (Kan.)St. Mary (Neb.)9 - 1Final
2/28/2021College of IdahoEastern Oregon9 - 3Final
3/1/2021Point Park (Pa.)Bethel (Ind.)3 - 07th
3/1/2021Ottawa (Kan.)Park (Mo.)3 - 0Final
3/1/2021Northwestern (Iowa)Bethany (Kan.)5 - 2Final
3/1/2021Sterling (Kan.)Graceland (Iowa)4 - 3Final
3/1/2021Ottawa (Kan.)Park (Mo.)9 - 1Final
3/1/2021Sterling (Kan.)Graceland (Iowa)3 - 4Final
3/1/2021Northwestern (Iowa)Bethany (Kan.)8 - 6Final
3/1/2021Truett McConnell (Ga.)Carolina University4:00 PM 
3/1/2021Truett McConnell (Ga.)Carolina University4:00 PM 
3/1/2021Ave Maria (Fla.)Spring Arbor (Mich.)8 - 5Final
3/2/2021Kentucky ChristianBluefield (Va.)0 - 6 *Final
3/2/2021Sterling (Kan.)Graceland (Iowa)11 - 12Final
3/2/2021Avila (Mo.)William Penn (Iowa)5 - 6Final
3/2/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)SAGU (Texas)0 - 2 *Final
3/2/2021Columbia International (S.C.)Brewton-Parker (Ga.)5 - 0Final
3/2/2021Southwestern (Kan.)Mid-America Christian (Okla.)0 - 1Final
3/2/2021Sterling (Kan.)Graceland (Iowa)1 - 4Final
3/2/2021Avila (Mo.)William Penn (Iowa)6 - 3Final
3/2/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)SAGU (Texas)5 - 7 *Final
3/2/2021Columbia International (S.C.)Brewton-Parker (Ga.)3 - 5Final
3/2/2021Southwestern (Kan.)Mid-America Christian (Okla.)0 - 9Final
3/2/2021Kentucky ChristianBluefield (Va.)6 - 17 *Final
3/2/2021Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Shawnee State (Ohio)8 - 0 *Final
3/2/2021Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Shawnee State (Ohio)6 - 3 *Final
3/3/2021Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Shawnee State (Ohio)20 - 0 *Final
3/3/2021Union (Ky.)Georgetown (Ky.)2 - 8Final
3/3/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Northwestern (Iowa)2 - 1Final
3/3/2021Missouri ValleySt. Mary (Kan.)4 - 3Final
3/3/2021IU Southeast (Ind.)Marian (Ind.)6 - 1Final
3/3/2021Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Shawnee State (Ohio)10 - 4 *Final
3/3/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Northwestern (Iowa)3 - 8Final
3/3/2021Huntington (Ind.)Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)4 - 7Final
3/3/2021William Carey (Miss.)Xavier (La.)3 - 0Final
3/3/2021Missouri ValleySt. Mary (Kan.)0 - 3Final
3/3/2021Union (Ky.)Georgetown (Ky.)4 - 7Final
3/3/2021IU Southeast (Ind.)Marian (Ind.)1 - 6Final
3/3/2021Mobile (Ala.)Spring Hill2 - 0Final
3/3/2021Huntington (Ind.)Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)2 - 16Final
3/3/2021William Carey (Miss.)Xavier (La.)9 - 1Final
3/3/2021Mobile (Ala.)Spring Hill9 - 0Final
3/4/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Northwestern (Iowa)1:00 PM 
3/4/2021Truett McConnell (Ga.)Middle Georgia State0 - 01st
3/4/2021Mobile (Ala.)Southeastern (Fla.)0 - 01st
3/4/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Bryan (Tenn.)3:00 PM * 
3/4/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Northwestern (Iowa)3:00 PM 
3/4/2021Mobile (Ala.)Southeastern (Fla.)3:00 PM 
3/4/2021Truett McConnell (Ga.)Middle Georgia State3:00 PM 
3/4/2021Georgia GwinnettMontreat (N.C.)3:00 PM 
3/4/2021Stephens (Mo.)Missouri Valley0 - 01st
3/4/2021Georgia GwinnettMontreat (N.C.)5:00 PM 
3/4/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Bryan (Tenn.)5:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Ave Maria (Fla.)Columbia (Mo.)10:00 AM 
3/5/2021Blue Mountain (Miss.)Williams Baptist (Ark.)10:00 AM 
3/5/2021Midland (Neb.)Graceland (Iowa)12:00 PM 
3/5/2021Columbia (Mo.)Southeastern (Fla.)12:15 PM 
3/5/2021SAGU (Texas)Central Christian (Kan.)1:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Brewton-Parker (Ga.)USC Beaufort (S.C.)1:00 PM 
3/5/2021College of IdahoNorthwest (Wash.)1:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Union (Ky.)Columbia (S.C.)1:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Providence (Mont.)Oregon Tech0 - 0 *1st
3/5/2021Morningside (Iowa)Texas A&M San Antonio (Texas)1:45 PM 
3/5/2021Mount Marty (S.D.)Graceland (Iowa)2:00 PM 
3/5/2021Missouri BaptistSaint Mary-of-the-Woods2:00 PM 
3/5/2021Thomas (Ga.)Blue Mountain (Miss.)2:30 PM 
3/5/2021SAGU (Texas)Central Christian (Kan.)3:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Brewton-Parker (Ga.)USC Beaufort (S.C.)3:00 PM 
3/5/2021Montreat (N.C.)Point (Ga.)3:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Montreat (N.C.)Point (Ga.)3:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Providence (Mont.)Oregon Tech3:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Union (Ky.)Columbia (S.C.)3:00 PM * 
3/5/2021College of IdahoNorthwest (Wash.)3:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Martin Methodist (Tenn.)3:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Missouri BaptistSaint Mary-of-the-Woods4:00 PM 
3/5/2021Midway (Ky.)Siena Heights (Mich.)4:00 PM 
3/5/2021York (Neb.)Graceland (Iowa)4:00 PM 
3/5/2021Ottawa (Kan.)Texas A&M San Antonio (Texas)4:45 PM 
3/5/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Martin Methodist (Tenn.)5:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Midway (Ky.)Siena Heights (Mich.)6:00 PM 
3/6/2021Columbia (Mo.)William Carey (Miss.)2:30 AM 
3/6/2021Baker (Kan.)Texas A&M San Antonio (Texas)9:00 AM 
3/6/2021Dakota State (S.D.)Graceland (Iowa)10:00 AM 
3/6/2021Webber International (Fla.)Blue Mountain (Miss.)10:00 AM 
3/6/2021Columbia (Mo.)Thomas (Ga.)10:00 AM 
3/6/2021Dordt (Iowa)Calumet St. Joseph (Ind.)10:15 AM 
3/6/2021Mid-America Christian (Okla.)Texas A&M San Antonio (Texas)10:45 AM 
3/6/2021Providence (Mont.)Oregon Tech11:00 AM * 
3/6/2021College of IdahoNorthwest (Wash.)0 - 0 * 
3/6/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Martin Methodist (Tenn.)11:00 AM * 
3/6/2021Missouri ValleyEcclesia (Ark.)12:00 PM 
3/6/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)Health Sciences & Pharmacy (Mo.)12:00 PM 
3/6/2021SAGU (Texas)Central Christian (Kan.)12:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Asbury (Ky.)St. Francis (Ind.)12:00 PM 
3/6/2021Bethel (Kan.)Graceland (Iowa)12:00 PM 
3/6/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Georgia Gwinnett1:00 PM 
3/6/2021Providence (Mont.)Oregon Tech1:00 PM 
3/6/2021College of IdahoNorthwest (Wash.)1:00 PM 
3/6/2021Bryan (Tenn.)Union (Ky.)1:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Martin Methodist (Tenn.)1:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Blue Mountain (Miss.)Keiser University1:15 PM 
3/6/2021Spring Arbor (Mich.)Dordt (Iowa)1:30 PM 
3/6/2021Asbury (Ky.)St. Francis (Ind.)2:00 PM 
3/6/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)Health Sciences & Pharmacy (Mo.)2:00 PM 
3/6/2021SAGU (Texas)Central Christian (Kan.)2:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Missouri ValleyEcclesia (Ark.)2:30 PM 
3/6/2021Bryan (Tenn.)Union (Ky.)3:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Georgia Gwinnett3:00 PM 
3/7/2021Montreat (N.C.)Georgetown (Ky.)12:00 AM 
3/7/2021Montreat (N.C.)Georgetown (Ky.)12:00 AM 
3/7/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Bethany (Kan.)12:00 AM 
3/7/2021Columbia (Mo.)Webber International (Fla.)9:00 AM 
3/7/2021IU Southeast (Ind.)St. Francis (Ind.)12:00 PM 
3/7/2021IU Southeast (Ind.)St. Francis (Ind.)12:00 PM 
3/7/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Bethany (Kan.)12:00 PM 
3/7/2021William Woods (Mo.)Judson (Ill.)1:00 PM 
3/7/2021William Woods (Mo.)Judson (Ill.)1:00 PM 
3/7/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)Health Sciences & Pharmacy (Mo.)1:00 PM 
3/7/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)Health Sciences & Pharmacy (Mo.)3:00 PM 
3/8/2021Peru State (Neb.)St. Mary (Neb.)1:00 PM 
3/8/2021Bellevue (Neb.)Dordt (Iowa)2:30 PM 
3/8/2021Dordt (Iowa)Northwestern Ohio2:45 PM 
3/8/2021Peru State (Neb.)St. Mary (Neb.)3:00 PM 
3/8/2021Bethany (Kan.)Morningside (Iowa)3:00 PM 
3/8/2021Bethany (Kan.)Morningside (Iowa)3:00 PM 
3/8/2021Missouri ValleyStephens (Mo.)4:00 PM 
3/8/2021Missouri ValleyStephens (Mo.)4:00 PM 
3/9/2021Dordt (Iowa)Warner (Fla.)10:00 AM 
3/9/2021William Penn (Iowa)Dordt (Iowa)10:00 AM 
3/9/2021Milligan (Tenn.)Bluefield (Va.)1:00 PM * 
3/9/2021Middle Georgia StateBrewton-Parker (Ga.)2:00 PM * 
3/9/2021Milligan (Tenn.)Bluefield (Va.)3:00 PM * 
3/9/2021Midway (Ky.)Marian (Ind.)3:00 PM 
3/9/2021Midway (Ky.)Marian (Ind.)3:00 PM 
3/9/2021Middle Georgia StateBrewton-Parker (Ga.)4:00 PM * 
3/9/2021William Carey (Miss.)Mobile (Ala.)4:00 PM * 
3/9/2021Bryan (Tenn.)Tennessee Wesleyan5:00 PM * 
3/9/2021William Carey (Miss.)Mobile (Ala.)6:00 PM * 
3/9/2021Bryan (Tenn.)Tennessee Wesleyan7:00 PM * 
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2/24/2021St. Katherine (CA)Benedictine - Mesa (Ariz.)65 - 66 *Final
2/24/2021SAGU (Texas)Oklahoma Panhandle State84 - 78Final
2/24/2021Mid-America Christian (Okla.)Texas Wesleyan70 - 66Final(OT)
2/24/2021Rust (Miss.)Edward Waters (Fla.)56 - 76Final
2/24/2021Bethel (Kan.)Friends (Kan.)83 - 64Final
2/24/2021Oklahoma WesleyanKansas Wesleyan64 - 63Final
2/24/2021Jamestown (N.D.)Dordt (Iowa)89 - 68Final
2/24/2021McPherson (Kan.)Southwestern (Kan.)68 - 73Final
2/24/2021St. Francis (Ind.)Grace (Ind.)90 - 74Final
2/24/2021Bethel (Ind.)Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio)104 - 117Final
2/24/2021Marian (Ind.)Huntington (Ind.)86 - 71Final
2/24/2021Indiana WesleyanTaylor (Ind.)74 - 66Final
2/24/2021Ottawa (Kan.)Sterling (Kan.)101 - 76Final
2/24/2021Midway (Ky.)Rio Grande (Ohio)55 - 58Final
2/24/2021Asbury (Ky.)Point Park (Pa.)70 - 71Final
2/24/2021WVU TechIU Kokomo (Ind.)79 - 66Final
2/24/2021Xavier (La.)Tougaloo (Miss.)77 - 74Final(OT)
2/24/2021Northwestern (Iowa)Briar Cliff (Iowa)83 - 77Final
2/24/2021Carlow (Pa.)Alice Lloyd (Ky.)74 - 98Final
2/25/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Kentucky Christian73 - 70Final
2/25/2021Loyola (La.)William Carey (Miss.)69 - 55Final
2/25/2021Tennessee WesleyanMilligan (Tenn.)88 - 81Final
2/25/2021Stillman College (Ala.)Brewton-Parker (Ga.)85 - 52Final
2/25/2021Mount Mercy (Iowa)Baker (Kan.)94 - 81Final
2/25/2021Benedictine - Mesa (Ariz.)Simpson (Calif.)83 - 69 *Final
2/25/2021Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)Multnomah (Ore.)99 - 70Final
2/25/2021Lincoln (Ill.)IU South Bend (Ind.)59 - 62Final
2/25/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Grand View (Iowa)99 - 75Final
2/25/2021Point (Ga.)Union (Ky.)71 - 85Final
2/25/2021Faulkner (Ala.)Blue Mountain (Miss.)92 - 65Final
2/25/2021Park (Mo.)Clarke (Iowa)78 - 41Final
2/25/2021Central Baptist (Ark.)Health Sciences & Pharmacy (Mo.)89 - 55Final
2/25/2021Missouri BaptistHannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)57 - 38Final
2/25/2021Columbia (Mo.)Williams Baptist (Ark.)81 - 70Final
2/25/2021Lyon (Ark.)William Woods (Mo.)63 - 51Final
2/25/2021Mayville State (N.D.)Dakota State (S.D.)65 - 66Final
2/25/2021William Penn (Iowa)MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)98 - 68Final
2/25/2021Montana State-NorthernMontana Western67 - 54Final
2/25/2021Montana TechRocky Mountain (Mont.)82 - 66Final
2/25/2021Columbia International (S.C.)Montreat (N.C.)83 - 94Final
2/25/2021Middle Georgia StateMobile (Ala.)59 - 71Final
2/26/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Tennessee Wesleyan53 - 79Final
2/26/2021Stillman College (Ala.)Loyola (La.)63 - 62Final
2/26/2021Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)College of the Ozarks (Mo.)49 - 72 *Final
2/26/2021St. Katherine (CA)Simpson (Calif.)69 - 49 *Final
2/26/2021Montreat (N.C.)Union (Ky.)80 - 85Final
2/26/2021Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)Multnomah (Ore.)99 - 67Final
2/26/2021Science & Arts (Okla.)Southwestern Christian (Okla.)96 - 95Final
2/26/2021Faulkner (Ala.)Mobile (Ala.)73 - 56Final
2/26/2021Lincoln Christian (Ill.)Voorhees (S.C.)79 - 87 *Final
2/27/2021Tennessee WesleyanUnion (Ky.)64 - 79Final
2/27/2021Indiana WesleyanSt. Francis (Ind.)79 - 106Final
2/27/2021Alice Lloyd (Ky.)WVU Tech68 - 82Final
2/27/2021Bethel (Kan.)Southwestern (Kan.)71 - 52Final
2/27/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Mount Mercy (Iowa)96 - 82Final
2/27/2021Oklahoma WesleyanOttawa (Kan.)84 - 83Final
2/27/2021Xavier (La.)Philander Smith (Ark.)74 - 50Final
2/27/2021Central Baptist (Ark.)Missouri Baptist66 - 61Final
2/27/2021Lyon (Ark.)Columbia (Mo.)70 - 73Final(OT)
2/27/2021Northwestern (Iowa)Jamestown (N.D.)74 - 69Final
2/27/2021Rio Grande (Ohio)Point Park (Pa.)74 - 61Final
2/27/2021SAGU (Texas)Mid-America Christian (Okla.)91 - 94Final
2/27/2021Voorhees (S.C.)College of the Ozarks (Mo.)68 - 60 *Final
2/27/2021Science & Arts (Okla.)John Brown (Ark.)88 - 83Final
2/27/2021Marian (Ind.)Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio)79 - 70Final
2/27/2021Faulkner (Ala.)Stillman College (Ala.)67 - 64Final
2/27/2021Providence (Mont.)Montana State-Northern63 - 56Final
2/27/2021Carroll (Mont.)Montana Tech67 - 62Final
2/27/2021William Penn (Iowa)Park (Mo.)102 - 79Final
2/27/2021Talladega (Ala.)Edward Waters (Fla.)73 - 70Final
2/28/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Cumberland (Tenn.)90 - 75Final
2/28/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Martin Methodist (Tenn.)54 - 72Final
2/28/2021Georgetown (Ky.)Pikeville (Ky.)76 - 74Final
2/28/2021Talladega (Ala.)Xavier (La.)60 - 70Final
2/28/2021Texas A&M - TexarkanaLSU Alexandria (La.)79 - 73Final
2/28/2021Thomas More (Ky.)Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)78 - 61Final
2/28/2021LSU Shreveport (La.)Jarvis Christian (Texas)97 - 78Final
3/1/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Martin Methodist (Tenn.)91 - 82Final
3/1/2021LSU Shreveport (La.)Texas A&M - Texarkana67 - 64Final
3/1/2021Bethel (Kan.)Oklahoma Wesleyan73 - 72Final
3/1/2021Georgetown (Ky.)Thomas More (Ky.)49 - 65Final
3/2/2021Providence (Mont.)Carroll (Mont.)77 - 57Final
3/2/2021Central Baptist (Ark.)Columbia (Mo.)89 - 54Final
3/2/2021Science & Arts (Okla.)Mid-America Christian (Okla.)69 - 50Final
3/2/2021William Penn (Iowa)Benedictine (Kan.)92 - 76Final
3/2/2021Northwestern (Iowa)Mount Marty (S.D.)73 - 57Final
3/2/2021Marian (Ind.)St. Francis (Ind.)86 - 71Final
3/2/2021WVU TechRio Grande (Ohio)75 - 60Final
3/2/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Thomas More (Ky.)70 - 54Final
3/3/2021Eastern OregonMultnomah (Ore.)105 - 97Final
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2/24/2021Bryan (Tenn.)Truett McConnell (Ga.)77 - 63Final
2/24/2021Point (Ga.)Brenau (Ga.)67 - 50Final
2/24/2021Pikeville (Ky.)Cumberland (Tenn.)63 - 60Final
2/24/2021St. Katherine (CA)Simpson (Calif.)51 - 61 *Final
2/24/2021Northwestern (Iowa)Midland (Neb.)76 - 54Final
2/24/2021Talladega (Ala.)Dillard (La.)100 - 50Final
2/24/2021Union (Ky.)Columbia International (S.C.)70 - 60Final
2/24/2021LSU Alexandria (La.)Texas A&M - Texarkana82 - 80 *Final
2/24/2021WVU TechMidway (Ky.)77 - 68Final
2/24/2021Xavier (La.)Philander Smith (Ark.)76 - 53Final
2/24/2021Asbury (Ky.)Oakland City (Ind.)82 - 72Final
2/24/2021Grand View (Iowa)Central Methodist (Mo.)78 - 57Final
2/24/2021Clarke (Iowa)Evangel (Mo.)66 - 49Final
2/24/2021Ohio Christian (Ohio)Rio Grande (Ohio)66 - 73Final
2/24/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Montreat (N.C.)88 - 45Final
2/24/2021Benedictine (Kan.)William Penn (Iowa)83 - 76Final
2/24/2021Columbia (Mo.)Health Sciences & Pharmacy (Mo.)78 - 41Final
2/24/2021Williams Baptist (Ark.)Central Baptist (Ark.)59 - 71Final
2/24/2021MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)Mount Mercy (Iowa)102 - 67Final
2/24/2021Concordia (Neb.)Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)70 - 58Final
2/24/2021Briar Cliff (Iowa)Dordt (Iowa)67 - 54Final
2/24/2021Lyon (Ark.)William Woods (Mo.)58 - 45Final
2/25/2021Brewton-Parker (Ga.)Stillman College (Ala.)79 - 59Final(2OT)
2/25/2021Loyola (La.)Florida College84 - 48Final
2/25/2021Simpson (Calif.)Benedictine - Mesa (Ariz.)58 - 72 *Final
2/25/2021Bryan (Tenn.)Point (Ga.)95 - 55Final
2/25/2021Union (Ky.)Reinhardt (Ga.)62 - 70Final
2/25/2021Middle Georgia StateBlue Mountain (Miss.)55 - 46Final
2/25/2021Montana State-NorthernMontana Tech68 - 57Final
2/25/2021Montana WesternRocky Mountain (Mont.)82 - 41Final
2/25/2021Bethel (Kan.)Oklahoma Wesleyan70 - 82Final
2/25/2021Dakota State (S.D.)Mayville State (N.D.)72 - 55Final
2/25/2021Tabor (Kan.)Bethany (Kan.)50 - 35Final
2/25/2021McPherson (Kan.)Kansas Wesleyan73 - 74Final
2/25/2021Sterling (Kan.)Friends (Kan.)71 - 60Final
2/25/2021Mobile (Ala.)Faulkner (Ala.)53 - 70Final
2/26/2021Bryan (Tenn.)Reinhardt (Ga.)80 - 62Final
2/26/2021College of the Ozarks (Mo.)Fisher (Mass.)71 - 38 *Final
2/26/2021Loyola (La.)Brewton-Parker (Ga.)89 - 75Final(2OT)
2/26/2021MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)Grand View (Iowa)69 - 55Final
2/26/2021Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)Lincoln Christian (Ill.)76 - 60 *Final
2/26/2021St. Katherine (CA)Benedictine - Mesa (Ariz.)68 - 82 *Final
2/26/2021Middle Georgia StateFaulkner (Ala.)67 - 63Final
2/26/2021Marian (Ind.)Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio)87 - 75Final
2/26/2021Clarke (Iowa)Benedictine (Kan.)62 - 58Final
2/26/2021Columbia (Mo.)Central Baptist (Ark.)77 - 60Final
2/26/2021Lyon (Ark.)Missouri Baptist66 - 59Final
2/26/2021Indiana WesleyanTaylor (Ind.)85 - 64Final
2/26/2021Science & Arts (Okla.)Langston (Okla.)76 - 77Final
2/27/2021Thomas More (Ky.)Martin Methodist (Tenn.)82 - 67Final
2/27/2021Rust (Miss.)Xavier (La.)59 - 71Final
2/27/2021Rio Grande (Ohio)Brescia (Ky.)90 - 68Final
2/27/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Shawnee State (Ohio)47 - 59Final
2/27/2021College of the Ozarks (Mo.)Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)85 - 46 *Final
2/27/2021Asbury (Ky.)WVU Tech72 - 75Final
2/27/2021Concordia (Neb.)Northwestern (Iowa)83 - 70Final
2/27/2021Middle Georgia StateLoyola (La.)48 - 66Final
2/27/2021Campbellsville (Ky.)Bethel (Tenn.)76 - 44Final
2/27/2021Providence (Mont.)Montana Western61 - 81Final
2/27/2021Carroll (Mont.)Montana State-Northern76 - 49Final
2/27/2021Talladega (Ala.)Edward Waters (Fla.)76 - 80Final
2/27/2021Dakota State (S.D.)Bellevue (Neb.)80 - 72Final
2/27/2021Sterling (Kan.)Kansas Wesleyan89 - 69Final
2/27/2021Tabor (Kan.)Oklahoma Wesleyan70 - 66Final
2/27/2021Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Pikeville (Ky.)83 - 63Final
2/28/2021LSU Shreveport (La.)Jarvis Christian (Texas)73 - 53Final
2/28/2021Edward Waters (Fla.)Xavier (La.)52 - 56Final(OT)
2/28/2021Texas A&M - TexarkanaLSU Alexandria (La.)75 - 87Final
3/1/2021Thomas More (Ky.)Shawnee State (Ohio)57 - 47Final
3/1/2021Campbellsville (Ky.)Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)81 - 57Final
3/1/2021LSU Shreveport (La.)LSU Alexandria (La.)81 - 50Final
3/1/2021WVU TechRio Grande (Ohio)86 - 74Final
3/1/2021MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)Clarke (Iowa)37 - 58Final
3/1/2021Marian (Ind.)Indiana Wesleyan67 - 77Final
3/1/2021Carroll (Mont.)Montana Western70 - 62Final
3/1/2021Lyon (Ark.)Columbia (Mo.)66 - 56Final
3/1/2021Sterling (Kan.)Tabor (Kan.)86 - 78Final
3/2/2021Thomas More (Ky.)Campbellsville (Ky.)56 - 47Final
3/4/2021Columbia International (S.C.)Erskine6:00 PM 
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2/24/2021Oklahoma CityCentral Christian (Kan.)2 - 1 *Final
2/24/2021Missouri BaptistGovernors State (Ill.)4 - 2Final
2/24/2021LSU Shreveport (La.)Lyon (Ark.)2 - 1Final
2/24/2021Sterling (Kan.)Ecclesia Royals8 - 0Final
2/24/2021St. Mary (Kan.)Benedictine (Kan.)0 - 2Final
2/25/2021Texas A&M - TexarkanaOur Lady of the Lake (Texas)1 - 2 *Final
2/25/2021Bethel (Kan.)Ecclesia5 - 1Final
2/25/2021Brewton-Parker (Ga.)Florida College1 - 0 *Final
2/25/2021Georgetown (Ky.)Brescia (Ky.)0 - 1Final
2/25/2021Evangel (Mo.)William Woods (Mo.)0 - 2Final
2/25/2021Georgia GwinnettFaulkner (Ala.)2 - 1Final(2OT)
2/26/2021La Sierra (Calif.)Park-Gilbert (Ariz.)2 - 1 *Final
2/27/2021SAGU (Texas)Southwestern Christian (Okla.)1 - 8 *Final
2/27/2021College of IdahoNorthwest (Wash.)1 - 2Final
2/27/2021Brewton-Parker (Ga.)Thomas (Ga.)1 - 2Final
2/27/2021Texas A&M - TexarkanaHouston-Victoria (Texas)1 - 2 *Final(OT)
2/27/2021St. Mary (Kan.)Friends (Kan.)0 - 3Final
2/27/2021LSU Shreveport (La.)LSU Alexandria (La.)2 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021Tabor (Kan.)McPherson (Kan.)0 - 2Final
2/27/2021Central Christian (Kan.)Oklahoma Panhandle State1 - 1 *Final(2OT)
2/27/2021Oklahoma CityWayland Baptist (Texas)2 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021Kansas WesleyanMidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)3 - 3Final(2OT)
2/27/2021Middle Georgia StateFlorida College5 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021Southwestern (Kan.)Bacone (Okla.)3 - 0Final
2/27/2021Mobile (Ala.)William Carey (Miss.)1 - 2 *Final
2/27/2021Dalton State (Ga.)Faulkner (Ala.)3 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021Texas WesleyanMid-America Christian (Okla.)0 - 4 *Final
2/28/2021Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)Thomas More (Ky.)3 - 2 *Final(OT)
2/28/2021La Sierra (Calif.)Pacific Union (Calif.)4 - 0 *00:00 - 2nd
2/28/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)2 - 3 *Final(OT)
2/28/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Cumberland (Tenn.)2 - 0 *Final
2/28/2021St. Katherine (CA)Park-Gilbert (Ariz.)1 - 4 *Final
2/28/2021Life (Ga.)Martin Methodist (Tenn.)3 - 1 *Final
3/2/2021Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)Georgetown (Ky.)0 - 2 *Final
3/2/2021Lyon (Ark.)Harris-Stowe State (Mo.)1:00 PM * 
3/2/2021Evangel (Mo.)Williams Baptist (Ark.)0 - 3Final
3/2/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)Texas Wesleyan6 - 0 *Final
3/2/2021IU Northwest (Ind.)Trinity Christian (Ill.)0 - 5 *Final
3/2/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Campbellsville (Ky.)0 - 0 *Final(2OT)
3/2/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Martin Methodist (Tenn.)4 - 1 *Final
3/2/2021Mid-America Christian (Okla.)Central Christian (Kan.)1 - 0 *Final
3/2/2021Science & Arts (Okla.)Oklahoma Panhandle State0 - 1 *Final
3/2/2021Life (Ga.)Cumberland (Tenn.)2 - 1 *Final(2OT)
3/3/2021Oklahoma WesleyanLSU Shreveport (La.)3:00 PM 
3/3/2021Ottawa (Kan.)William Woods (Mo.)0 - 1Final
3/3/2021Friends (Kan.)Benedictine (Kan.)2 - 0Final
3/4/2021LSU Alexandria (La.)Texas A&M - Texarkana1:30 PM * 
3/4/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)Jarvis Christian (Texas)1:30 PM * 
3/4/2021LSU Shreveport (La.)Paul Quinn (Texas)1:30 PM * 
3/4/2021Keiser UniversityMobile (Ala.)2:00 PM 
3/4/2021Milligan (Tenn.)WVU Tech3:00 PM 
3/4/2021Georgia GwinnettReinhardt (Ga.)7:00 PM 
3/6/2021LSU Shreveport (La.)Texas A&M - Texarkana1:30 PM * 
3/6/2021Houston-Victoria (Texas)Jarvis Christian (Texas)1:30 PM * 
3/6/2021William Woods (Mo.)Missouri Baptist1:30 PM * 
3/6/2021MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)McPherson (Kan.)2:00 PM 
3/6/2021Montreat (N.C.)Georgia Gwinnett3:00 PM 
3/6/2021Florida CollegeMobile (Ala.)3:30 PM * 
3/6/2021Dalton State (Ga.)Brewton-Parker (Ga.)5:30 PM * 
3/7/2021Thomas More (Ky.)Campbellsville (Ky.)3:00 PM * 
3/7/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Bethel (Tenn.)5:30 PM * 
3/9/2021Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Thomas More (Ky.)11:52 AM * 
3/9/2021Central Methodist (Mo.)Mid-America Christian (Okla.)1:00 PM 
3/9/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)4:30 PM * 
3/9/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Bryan (Tenn.)7:00 PM 
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2/24/2021Oklahoma CityCentral Christian (Kan.)1 - 0 *Final
2/25/2021Texas A&M - TexarkanaOur Lady of the Lake (Texas)1 - 3 *Final
2/25/2021Brewton-Parker (Ga.)Florida College5 - 0 *Final
2/25/2021Georgetown (Ky.)Asbury (Ky.)3 - 1Final
2/25/2021Friends (Kan.)Benedictine (Kan.)0 - 3Final
2/25/2021Middle Georgia StateThomas (Ga.)3 - 2Final(OT)
2/25/2021Georgia GwinnettFaulkner (Ala.)3 - 0Final
2/27/2021SAGU (Texas)Southwestern Christian (Okla.)2 - 1 *Final
2/27/2021Texas A&M - TexarkanaHouston-Victoria (Texas)2 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021LSU Shreveport (La.)LSU Alexandria (La.)2 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021Sterling (Kan.)Bellevue (Neb.)0 - 3Final
2/27/2021WVU TechOhio Valley1 - 0Final
2/27/2021Brewton-Parker (Ga.)Thomas (Ga.)2 - 1Final
2/27/2021Middle Georgia StateFlorida College4 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021Southwestern (Kan.)Bacone (Okla.)6 - 0Final
2/27/2021Oklahoma CityWayland Baptist (Texas)3 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021Oklahoma WesleyanYork (Neb.)4 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021Mobile (Ala.)William Carey (Miss.)0 - 5 *Final
2/27/2021Lyon (Ark.)Stephens (Mo.)4 - 1 *Final
2/27/2021Dalton State (Ga.)Faulkner (Ala.)0 - 1 *Final(OT)
2/27/2021St. Mary (Kan.)Tabor (Kan.)0 - 2Final
2/27/2021Texas WesleyanMid-America Christian (Okla.)1 - 2 *Final
2/27/2021Central Christian (Kan.)Oklahoma Panhandle State2 - 0 *Final
2/28/2021St. Katherine (CA)Park-Gilbert (Ariz.)3 - 1 *Final
2/28/2021La Sierra (Calif.)Pacific Union (Calif.)9 - 0 *Final
2/28/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)1 - 2 *Final
2/28/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Cumberland (Tenn.)1 - 0 *Final
2/28/2021Life (Ga.)Martin Methodist (Tenn.)0 - 5 *Final
2/28/2021Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)Thomas More (Ky.)1 - 2 *Final
3/1/2021Cardinal Stritch (Wis.)Roosevelt (Ill.)6 - 0 *Final
3/2/2021Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)Georgetown (Ky.)0 - 3 *Final
3/2/2021Southwestern Christian (Okla.)Texas Wesleyan0 - 1 *Final
3/2/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Campbellsville (Ky.)1 - 4 *Final
3/2/2021Bethel (Tenn.)Thomas More (Ky.)0 - 1 *Final
3/2/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Martin Methodist (Tenn.)1 - 4 *Final
3/2/2021Mid-America Christian (Okla.)Central Christian (Kan.)1 - 0 *Final
3/2/2021Science & Arts (Okla.)Oklahoma Panhandle State12 - 1 *Final
3/2/2021Tabor (Kan.)Ottawa (Kan.)3 - 2 *Final(2OT)
3/2/2021Life (Ga.)Cumberland (Tenn.)0 - 1 *Final
3/2/2021Stephens (Mo.)William Woods (Mo.)0 - 5 *Final
3/3/2021Avila (Mo.)St. Mary (Kan.)2 - 0Final
3/3/2021Bethel (Kan.)Sterling (Kan.)5 - 0 *Final
3/3/2021Lyon (Ark.)Harris-Stowe State (Mo.)3:30 PM * 
3/3/2021La Sierra (Calif.)St. Katherine (CA)1 - 0Final
3/3/2021Kansas WesleyanMidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)3 - 2Final
3/3/2021Missouri BaptistCentral Methodist (Mo.)1 - 6Final
3/4/2021LSU Shreveport (La.)Paul Quinn (Texas)1 - 0 *00:00 - 2nd
3/4/2021LSU Alexandria (La.)Texas A&M - Texarkana0 - 0 *26:28 - 1st
3/4/2021Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)Jarvis Christian (Texas)0 - 0 *00:00 - 2nd
3/4/2021Keiser UniversityMobile (Ala.)12:00 PM 
3/6/2021Florida CollegeMobile (Ala.)12:00 AM * 
3/6/2021William Woods (Mo.)Missouri Baptist11:00 AM * 
3/6/2021LSU Shreveport (La.)Texas A&M - Texarkana11:00 AM * 
3/6/2021Houston-Victoria (Texas)Jarvis Christian (Texas)11:00 AM * 
3/6/2021Dalton State (Ga.)Brewton-Parker (Ga.)3:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Truett McConnell (Ga.)Georgia Gwinnett7:00 PM 
3/7/2021College of IdahoProvidence (Mont.)11:00 AM * 
3/7/2021Thomas More (Ky.)Campbellsville (Ky.)12:00 PM * 
3/7/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Bethel (Tenn.)2:00 PM * 
3/8/2021College of IdahoProvidence (Mont.)11:00 AM * 
3/9/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)12:00 PM * 
3/9/2021Cardinal Stritch (Wis.)Trinity International (Ill.)2:00 PM * 
3/9/2021Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Thomas More (Ky.)3:00 PM * 
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2/24/2021UC Merced (Calif.)Pacific Union (Calif.)3 - 0 *Final
2/25/2021Graceland (Iowa)William Penn (Iowa)0 - 3 *Final
2/25/2021Jamestown (N.D.)Ottawa (Kan.)3 - 0 *Final
2/25/2021Thomas More (Ky.)Judson (Ill.)0 - 3Final
2/25/2021Mount Mercy (Iowa)Missouri Baptist1 - 3 *Final
2/26/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Cumberland (Tenn.)3 - 1 *Final
2/26/2021Webber International (Fla.)Midway (Ky.)3 - 1 *Final
2/26/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Georgetown (Ky.)0 - 3 *Final
2/26/2021Grand View (Iowa)Missouri Baptist3 - 0 *Final
2/26/2021Mount Mercy (Iowa)Missouri Valley1 - 3 *Final
2/26/2021Mount Vernon Nazarene (OhJudson (Ill.)3 - 1Final
2/26/2021Cumberland (Tenn.)Webber International (Fla.)3 - 2 *Final
2/26/2021Goshen (Ind.)Siena Heights (Mich.)3 - 2 *Final
2/27/2021William Penn (Iowa)Missouri Baptist1 - 3 *Final
2/27/2021Graceland (Iowa)Park (Mo.)1 - 3 *Final
2/27/2021Webber International (Fla.)Georgetown (Ky.)0 - 3 *Final
2/27/2021Goshen (Ind.)Maranatha Baptist3 - 0Final
2/27/2021Reinhardt (Ga.)Midway (Ky.)3 - 0 *Final
3/1/2021UC Merced (Calif.)Simpson (Calif.)3 - 0 *Final
3/2/2021Health Sciences & Pharmacy (Mo.)Missouri Baptist0 - 3 *Final
3/2/2021Graceland (Iowa)Missouri Valley0 - 3 *Final
3/3/2021Lincoln (Ill.)Midway (Ky.)1 - 3Final
3/3/2021Lincoln (Ill.)Judson (Ill.)0 - 3Final
3/3/2021Park (Mo.)Grand View (Iowa)0 - 3 *Final
3/5/2021Midway (Ky.)Milligan (Tenn.)1:00 PM 
3/5/2021Graceland (Iowa)Mount Mercy (Iowa)7:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Missouri BaptistOttawa (Kan.)12:00 PM 
3/6/2021Park (Mo.)Mount Mercy (Iowa)1:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Missouri ValleyCulver-Stockton (Mo.)2:00 PM * 
3/7/2021Park (Mo.)Clarke (Iowa)11:00 AM * 
3/7/2021Park (Mo.)Clarke (Iowa)3:00 PM * 
3/7/2021UC Merced (Calif.)Pacific Union (Calif.)4:30 PM * 
3/9/2021William Penn (Iowa)Park (Mo.)6:00 PM * 
3/9/2021Grand View (Iowa)Mount Mercy (Iowa)7:00 PM * 
3/9/2021Missouri BaptistMissouri Valley7:00 PM * 
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2/24/2021Bethany (Kan.)Oklahoma Wesleyan3 - 0 *Final
2/24/2021UC Merced (Calif.)Pacific Union (Calif.)3 - 0 *Final
2/24/2021Missouri BaptistLincoln (Ill.)3 - 1Final
2/24/2021College of the Ozarks (Mo.)Evangel (Mo.)0 - 3Final
2/24/2021Park (Mo.)McPherson (Kan.)3 - 1Final
2/25/2021Cumberland (Tenn.)Martin Methodist (Tenn.)3:00 PM 
2/25/2021Keiser UniversityMartin Methodist (Tenn.)0 - 3Final
2/25/2021Georgetown (Ky.)Shawnee State (Ohio)3 - 2 *Final
2/25/2021Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Bethel (Tenn.)3 - 1 *Final
2/25/2021Middle Georgia StateBrewton-Parker (Ga.)3 - 0 *Final
2/25/2021St. Katherine (CA)Providence Christian (Calif.)3 - 0 *Final
2/26/2021Science & Arts (Okla.)John Brown (Ark.)0 - 3 *Final
2/26/2021William Carey (Miss.)Loyola (La.)1 - 3 *Final
2/26/2021Faulkner (Ala.)Florida College3 - 1 *Final
2/26/2021College of the Ozarks (Mo.)Lyon (Ark.)3 - 2Final
2/26/2021Rocky Mountain (Mont.)Montana State-Northern3 - 0 *Final
2/26/2021Langston (Okla.)Wayland Baptist (Texas)0 - 3 *Final
2/26/2021SAGU (Texas)Oklahoma City0 - 3 *Final
2/26/2021Montana WesternProvidence (Mont.)2 - 3 *Final
2/27/2021MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)Mid-America Christian (Okla.)3 - 0Final
2/27/2021Rocky Mountain (Mont.)Montana State-Northern3 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021Faulkner (Ala.)Brewton-Parker (Ga.)3 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021York (Neb.)Avila (Mo.)3 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021Montana WesternProvidence (Mont.)0 - 3 *Final
2/27/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Campbellsville (Ky.)3 - 2 *Final
2/27/2021Martin Methodist (Tenn.)Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)3 - 0 *Final
2/27/2021McPherson (Kan.)Avila (Mo.)3 - 2 *Final
2/27/2021Thomas More (Ky.)Cumberlands (Ky.)3 - 1 *Final
2/27/2021Southwestern (Kan.)Friends (Kan.)3 - 1 *Final
2/27/2021Langston (Okla.)Oklahoma Panhandle State0 - 0 *3rd
2/27/2021York (Neb.)McPherson (Kan.)0 - 3 *Final
2/27/2021Lyon (Ark.)John Brown (Ark.)2 - 3Final
2/27/2021Southwestern (Kan.)Bethany (Kan.)1 - 3 *Final
3/1/2021UC Merced (Calif.)Simpson (Calif.)3 - 0 *Final
3/1/2021SAGU (Texas)Langston (Okla.)3 - 0 *Final
3/1/2021Jamestown (N.D.)University of Mary3 - 0Final
3/1/2021Dickinson State (N.D.)Valley City State (N.D.)3 - 2Final
3/1/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Pikeville (Ky.)3 - 0 *Final
3/2/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Rio Grande (Ohio)5:30 PM 
3/2/2021Central Methodist (Mo.)William Penn (Iowa)3 - 2Final
3/2/2021Mount Mercy (Iowa)MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)1 - 3Final
3/2/2021Grand View (Iowa)Evangel (Mo.)3 - 1Final
3/2/2021Bethel (Tenn.)Cumberland (Tenn.)3 - 1Final
3/2/2021Life (Ga.)Faulkner (Ala.)3 - 1Final
3/2/2021Park (Mo.)Clarke (Iowa)3 - 0Final
3/2/2021Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)Lyon (Ark.)3 - 1Final
3/3/2021Southwestern (Kan.)Sterling (Kan.)2 - 3 *Final
3/3/2021Lincoln (Ill.)Trinity Christian (Ill.)1 - 3 *Final
3/3/2021Central Baptist (Ark.)Philander Smith (Ark.)3 - 1Final
3/3/2021Oklahoma WesleyanBethany (Kan.)3 - 0 * 
3/3/2021Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Pikeville (Ky.)3 - 0 *Final
3/3/2021Oklahoma CityJohn Brown (Ark.)3 - 1 *Final
3/3/2021Friends (Kan.)Avila (Mo.)0 - 3 *Final
3/3/2021Dakota State (S.D.)Presentation (S.D.)3 - 0 *Final
3/3/2021La Sierra (Calif.)Providence Christian (Calif.)25 - 17 *4th
3/3/2021Thomas More (Ky.)Marian (Ind.)0 - 3Final
3/3/2021McPherson (Kan.)St. Mary (Kan.)3 - 0 *Final
3/4/2021SAGU (Texas)Central Christian (Kan.)10:16 AM * 
3/4/2021Jarvis Christian (Texas)Howard Payne3:00 PM 
3/4/2021Williams Baptist (Ark.)Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)6:00 PM 
3/4/2021Langston (Okla.)Texas Wesleyan6:00 PM * 
3/4/2021Bryan (Tenn.)Bluefield (Va.)6:30 PM * 
3/4/2021Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Cumberlands (Ky.)7:00 PM * 
3/4/2021Martin Methodist (Tenn.)Shawnee State (Ohio)7:00 PM * 
3/4/2021Jarvis Christian (Texas)Southwest (N.M.)7:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Mobile (Ala.)Middle Georgia State9:34 AM * 
3/5/2021Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)Oregon Tech11:00 AM * 
3/5/2021Dillard (La.)Philander Smith (Ark.)12:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Tougaloo (Miss.)Rust (Miss.)2:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)Oregon Tech3:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Tougaloo (Miss.)Philander Smith (Ark.)4:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Xavier (La.)Talladega (Ala.)4:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Viterbo (Wis.)Dickinson State (N.D.)6:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Lyon (Ark.)Trinity International (Ill.)6:00 PM 
3/5/2021Loyola (La.)Faulkner (Ala.)6:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Xavier (La.)Talladega (Ala.)6:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Dillard (La.)Rust (Miss.)6:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Oklahoma CityOklahoma Baptist6:00 PM 
3/5/2021Grand View (Iowa)Central Methodist (Mo.)7:00 PM 
3/5/2021Park (Mo.)MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)7:00 PM 
3/5/2021Waldorf (Iowa)Valley City State (N.D.)7:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Providence (Mont.)Carroll (Mont.)7:00 PM * 
3/5/2021Montana WesternMontana State-Northern7:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Lyon (Ark.)Trinity International (Ill.)9:00 AM 
3/6/2021Loyola (La.)Middle Georgia State9:34 AM * 
3/6/2021Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)Multnomah (Ore.)11:00 AM * 
3/6/2021Florida CollegeBlue Mountain (Miss.)11:00 AM * 
3/6/2021Williams Baptist (Ark.)Cottey (Mo.)11:00 AM 
3/6/2021Philander Smith (Ark.)Tougaloo (Miss.)11:00 AM 
3/6/2021Viterbo (Wis.)Valley City State (N.D.)12:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Briar Cliff (Iowa)Mount Marty (S.D.)12:00 PM 
3/6/2021Waldorf (Iowa)Dickinson State (N.D.)12:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Providence (Mont.)Carroll (Mont.)1:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Keiser UniversityBlue Mountain (Miss.)1:00 PM 
3/6/2021Mobile (Ala.)Faulkner (Ala.)1:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Montana WesternMontana State-Northern1:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Dillard (La.)Rust (Miss.)1:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)Multnomah (Ore.)2:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Martin Methodist (Tenn.)Thomas More (Ky.)3:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Rust (Miss.)Tougaloo (Miss.)3:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Williams Baptist (Ark.)Henderson State3:00 PM 
3/6/2021Dillard (La.)Philander Smith (Ark.)5:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Bethany (Kan.)Ottawa (Kan.)7:00 PM * 
3/7/2021UC Merced (Calif.)Pacific Union (Calif.)1:00 PM * 
3/7/2021Briar Cliff (Iowa)St. Mary (Neb.)1:00 PM 
3/7/2021Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)3:00 PM * 
3/7/2021Presentation (S.D.)Briar Cliff (Iowa)3:15 PM 
3/8/2021Mid-America Christian (Okla.)SAGU (Texas)6:00 PM * 
3/8/2021Langston (Okla.)Southwestern Christian (Okla.)6:00 PM * 
3/8/2021Shawnee State (Ohio)Cumberlands (Ky.)6:00 PM * 
3/9/2021Jarvis Christian (Texas)Southwest (N.M.)3:00 PM * 
3/9/2021Loyola (La.)Mobile (Ala.)6:00 PM * 
3/9/2021Lyon (Ark.)Blue Mountain (Miss.)6:00 PM 
3/9/2021University of the SouthMartin Methodist (Tenn.)6:00 PM 
3/9/2021Bryan (Tenn.)Lee University6:00 PM 
3/9/2021Valley City State (N.D.)Jamestown (N.D.)7:00 PM 
3/9/2021Central Baptist (Ark.)William Woods (Mo.)7:00 PM * 
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2/24/2021Asbury (Ky.)Cumberlands (Ky.)4 - 22Final(-4OT)
2/25/2021Tennessee WesleyanSt. Andrews (N.C.)11 - 20 *Final(-4OT)
2/26/2021Cumberlands (Ky.)Lawrence Tech (Mich.)12 - 10Final(-4OT)
2/26/2021Georgetown (Ky.)Life (Ga.)4 - 11 *Final(-4OT)
2/27/2021Point (Ga.)Brenau (Ga.)16 - 17 *Final(-4OT)
2/27/2021Midland (Neb.)St. Mary (Kan.)15 - 8 *Final(-4OT)
2/27/2021Clarke (Iowa)UW-Eau Claire9 - 13Final(-4OT)
3/1/2021Asbury (Ky.)Culver-Stockton (Mo.)17 - 5Final(-4OT)
3/2/2021Benedictine (Kan.)Missouri Valley18 - 3 *Final(-4OT)
3/2/2021Montreat (N.C.)Keiser University2 - 19Final(-4OT)
3/3/2021William Penn (Iowa)St. Ambrose (Iowa)4 - 13 *Final(-4OT)
3/6/2021Truett McConnell (Ga.)Asbury (Ky.)12:00 PM * 
3/6/2021Montreat (N.C.)Brenau (Ga.)1:00 PM * 
3/9/2021Bethel (Ind.)William Penn (Iowa)4:00 PM 
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